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Can you Eternally Bond the same partner more than once?

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So my current Eternal Bond partner and I are considering something more or less akin to "renewing our vows" and thought it could potentially be fun to re-host the ceremony again.


This would, naturally, mean "divorcing" one another, waiting the 10-day cooldown period, and then re-marrying, which I realize is how that process works.


But I'm curious, and I can't find information about it anywhere: Is it actually possible to share an Eternal Bond with the same person more than once? It'd be a cute thing to do, but we don't want to go through the process if it will somehow lock us out of re-marrying each other. I can't really see why it would prohibit this; but at the same time, I don't want to risk it unnecessarily for something we're just doing for the sake of fun.


Does anyone have any experience or know about this first-hand?

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I have a post up on the official forums, but no bites yet! Figured I'd ask a few places to maximize my chances of finding an answer. 


I suspect it is feasible, I just want to be sure before I commit to the idea for obvious reasons.

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I've given that some thought, but we have a few other reasons we'd like to just re-do the ceremony.


Ultimately, it's one of those things that's not a huge deal if we can't, just something we're thinking about and batting around before we make any decisions either way. :)

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Posting here for clarity in case someone has the same concern down the road and searches for this.


The short version is: We went ahead and gave it a go, figuring we didn't have anything to really lose. You can, in fact, marry the same characters multiple times if you so desire.


The 10-day cooldown is after you marry not after you annul it. (10 days after the wedding ceremony, you may not remarry another person. Once your 10 day cooldown is up, you may "divorce" and instantly remarry, assuming there is a free date available.


I had confused this with a friend who got married and then, due to his partner being extremely scary immediately after marrying him, he divorced her, and thus, he got locked into a 10-day cooldown before he could marry a new partner.


My partner and I rushed through the quests again, and now we just need to find a new date.


Thanks for your help, folks!

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Yea, I suspect due to the complicated nature of the way the cutscenes work with two players interacting, that there will not be a way to view the cutscene anytime soon. Just like how if you re-watch cutscenes where you have a party, the party is removed from them, but that would defeat the point in a wedding.


We recorded both of our weddings, though! :D

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