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Looking for 'Possible' love interest for character

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Okay I feel awkward for asking this but with how often i find so many 'Same Sex' couples now, I just have to resort to this.


I'm looking to pair one of my characters up someone through interactions and build upon the relationship. Details as follow...


Looking for:

#Male Character

#ANY Race (Bonus points for Elezen/Roe)

#Single (No harems)

#Chance at relationship to never truly take off. (Hence the Possible part)


What i am NOT going to take.



--- Info ---


So the character information of who is looking for this 'love'


Name: P'rita Kali

Age: 36

Native: Doman

Race: Miqo'te (Keeper of the Moon)

Summary of her attitude: Calm mind but can be a tad violent in her wording. Is clearly not use to being complimented nor patted. Blushes at certain subjects.

Other things will have to be learned through time RPing.



Times I am usually on are roughly 

Monday from 1PM EST to about 11 PM EST or later.

Tuse-Thurs bad times for RPing (don't get to log in until like 11PM EST)

Friday-Sunday (Depending on what toons i plan to play on) anywhere from 1PM EST to 1AM Est and beyond. 

Convert based on your timezone as you see fit.



I feel weird for asking this but because of her character, I'd have better chance of putting a 'wanted' add unlike my other characters.

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That feel when play a lalafell.


That feel when know everyone just pats your head with a smile but you'll never find love.




Aww, I'm sorry. Here, I know what'll cheer you up




The only races which show me affection are other lalafells and weirdly female Au Ra. Chicks dig the tiny height? :chocobo:


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