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New to FFXIV, Exp Roleplayer. Nice to meet you!


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Hello everyone! It's my pleasure to introduce myself to all of you fine people here. I ask that you excuse my empty profile and (currently) my lack of a picture. It's all in the works, I can assure you.


I recently started playing FF again after a very long hiatus and fell in love with the game once again. The story and atmosphere are just so wonderfully captivating that I can't help but just feel inspired to make my own stories in this beautifully crafted world.


I have been a roleplayer for 5+ years now, mostly in World of Warcraft, but also titles such as: Wildstar, TERA and Blade and Soul. I am new to the whole idea of rping in FF14 and would love any help and rp friends out there to get me started a bit! I am a very heavy, story driven roleplay who enjoys roleplay at any moment possible.


I'm sorry if this has been a little long-winded... I will get my bearings eventually, but I was just so eager to get started in this wonderful community of roleplayers.


My character is: Eto Abumi - Balmung. You are also more than welcome to contact me on this site, I am very excited to meet other roleplayers!


Many thanks for reading through this!

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