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Hello RPC,


My wife and I are avid roleplayers and are both of the creative sort. Hers is more of an artistic flare while mine remains in that of literature and scripts.  As such, we've recently been given a link to this forum due to our similarities and differences, an MMO with Roleplay was our best bet at finding what we both enjoy.


Both she and I had purchased the collector's edition and while we enjoyed it for the first few weeks, we found no roleplayers, storytellers or events that kept our interest in the game. 


With the originally broken combat and mechanics, my wife and I left for greener pastures.  Fast forward to the present: The wife and I are still searching for RP in the MMO community and our mutual friend has kept us abreast of the changes in FFXIV.


I am here to introduce myself, inquire about the future roleplay events that may be implemented when 2.0 comes out.  My wife and I prefer fun, light-hearted roleplay, but  we do like dark and confrontational scenes as well. 


We're pretty lax when it comes to themes and we more enjoy the company of other like-minded players who just want to have a good time and have their characters interact in more than a simple 'tavern rp' kind of way.




Hello! My name is Kiljax and I'm new to this place. My wife and I are looking for a fun community of roleplayers and we got linked here.  We're hoping to make FFXIV our home in the future for RP shenanigans.

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Welcome to both of you! For an idea of the RP events we're likely to see again, you may want to browse the Bulletin Board section. All of the public RP events from 1.0 are still there. A lot of public RP events are fairly light-hearted since it's tough to do the major drama kind of stuff with big crowds. We've had fashion shows, tavern gatherings, various other contests, story-telling events, and more.


The darker themed and confrontational RP events are easier done within individual RP shells, but we've managed to have a number of successful public events that match those criteria! The last event, "Full Cold Moon/Dalamud's Wrath" was a prime example of a happy event turning into a very grisly and dramatic one. The public House Mavanix storyline was also much darker themed. There were other darker themed events, including dealing with someone murdering ladies at the Mineral Concern tavern, mercenary missions, and I think a few more.

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Glad to see quick responses. That's always a major plus.  As suggested, I will take a look at the bulletin board and check out what events have happened in the past in order to get a better idea of what events will happen in the future.


Thank you all for the welcome!

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While planning out a character concept, I did come across a few more questions I would like to ask and was wondering if someone who had exceptional knowledge of the story, lore or going ons in Hydaelyn wouldn't mind having a private message conversation with me to hammer out some details.

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I wouldn't mind at all.  I actually have something of a project relating to this in the works (more like in the finishing stages) and something from that may be relevent, depending on the nature of your questions.  Feel free to shoot me a PM though, in any case.  :thumbsup:

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