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Bubbly Culinarian looking for some friends and/or love!

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Hello Everyone!

So I've never really get much roleplay from anyone, so I'm gonna try here!


Khrys Relanah is a happy-go-lucky Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te. She's 20-22 years old and has ginger red hair and turquoise green eyes. She loves to meet new friends. I wouldn't mind her finding a love interest either. She is also Heterosexual.


Here is a picture of her!




I look forward to roleplaying with you guys!

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Hey there, i'd be happy to RP. I'm very new to it but everyone needs to start somewhere. My charaster is a bit reserved with new people but is more adventurous when he opens up. His name is O'rahan Astray. Feel free to message me in game!

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Miqo'te get plenty of RP, you needn't worry! People can just be a little shy here on the RPC about inviting others to come and play. Personally, I'm out of town the next few days on vacation (I actually should be getting to bed right now... >>) but I thought I'd reply real quick to mention my FC's Discord server (link's on our RPC bio, which is linked down in my signature... so many links, I know). We're totally happy to have random new friends join up as guests, so if you're looking to find a little RP, feel free to say hi! And either way, Discord or not, shoot me a PM here on the RPC site and I'll make a point to lasso you for some RP when I get home from my trip. :)

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