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Greetings, everyone!


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Hello everyone,


I am a new Final Fantasy XIV player. Sadly I am also pretty new to the whole Final Fantasy universe. A friend of mine suggest I should give FF XIV another chance (I once tried it when it still was 1.0, but the controls were incredibly awful to me - even though the world seemed interesting) and while I am new, I already gave a few classes a try (but I am still only around level 10-20).


Even though I am new to Final Fantasy, I am not that new to roleplay. I already role-played in several games and several languages and was part of several communities in my past. I am certainly not as experienced in story-writing and -telling as many of the online-friends I met so far, but I will definitely do my best about it.

While I do have some plot ideas for my characters, they are too generic to disclose yet and I am working on integrating them with some lore in order to make my character seem more convincing.


The reason I started Final Fantasy XIV is the sheer amount of emotes, the big cities, convincingly looking interactions between characters and last, but not least: the game is not F2P/P2W. The actual game mechanics seem rather standard, which is why the game engine comes second to me.


I will also do my best to learn more about the lore of the game quickly, but if anyone has any advice or pointers for me (e.g. a source, that summarizes the story and perhaps has further links for more if I need it), I will gladly appreciate it. I am always willing to learn. I will begin with the wiki and these forums.


The transfer of my characters to Balmung will be underway as soon as my characters fulfill the conditions.


Thank you very much for reading!

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Hello again,


I transferred over to Balmung and while I did make a character with the same name I used to role-play in another game, I did not transfer her over, because I felt I should let her story unfinished. Otherwise it might end up like another sequel no one really wants *smirks*.


Anyhow. I hope to meet you all somehow. And perhaps get into a linkshell or two once I find out what those are and how one uses them.


See you!

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Hi there, and welcome! :D If you'd like to share your character name, I bet a bunch of us would bother you for RP. Or, if you prefer something a little more anonymous just to get your feet wet, my FC is hosting a tavern night tomorrow night and you're welcome to swing by and have some casual RP fun with whomever strikes your fancy. :)

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I went the anonymous route (for just now at least). After I transferred to Balmung, my character started out in Gridania (I am still just around level 15) so I gave spontaneous role-play a chance - but at first nothing happened. I know, that I am not giving up on that easily, so I just went and did some quests while emoting here and there and already saw quite a few people - mostly raiding for the FATE stuff.


One of my quests required me to go to the Lavender Beds - so I just picked any ward and ran into the first house that was publicly open. I honestly did not expect anything, but then suddenly I entered the halls and there was a Hyur woman sitting on the couch. I read something "RP" in her guild name and she did not have the afk-symbol - so I thought: let's give it a try. I emoted something and to my surprise I got a reply. Now I was curious and as time went by more and more people from that guild arrived.


My character welcomed heartily and well I decided to play her as a (still) novice (because the level and her abilities suggested that). She was invited to eat and drink something and even though she wanted to refuse, her stomach was growling. So a member of that guild led her downstairs and she was given some water and food.


She did feel embarrassed, because she did not want to just eat and drink at some random people's estate, but the stomach won over the embarrassment.


Overall it was an amazing experience - especially considering that just 30-45 minutes had passed since I transferred over to Balmung. Thanks everyone and especially that guild and those people (I am not sure if they want to be named here, which is why I avoided any names).


I will prepare the character profiles for my two characters that I transferred over to Balmung. I still do not know what background story I want to give them, but I am sure role-play will help to decide.



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