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Cheery child looking for a mentor and other connections!

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As stated I am looking for a mentor and connections for my child lalafell, but down to business.


Cheery, hyperactive and he just won't stop.. talking.


He's not your usual kind of goody choo shoes, nay he's the opposite, he doesn't have any morals.


What more to say? He's almost always barefoot unless out where it's too hot, or too cold.

He's 16 years old, and he used to live in the streets of Ul'Dah, but now resides in Lavender Beds under C-Skys protection.


skill; none other than his choice of subtlety, he's been taught that atleast.

Aether sensitive, uhm.. what's that? I can teleport from place to place, does that count?

he's usually seen wearing daggers around his waist, but he would eagerly like to be taught wearing something heavier like a sword. Please contact Zuuto Iuuto in game, or by mail here (I am from EU, but as it's 3 am right now, it's proven that I'm a bit of a night owl)


And a cheery pic of him, please inquire, the boy is in need of friends.



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