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I'm not new to RP, but I AM new to RP taking place in a game! I usually do writing stuff so actually being able to just...you know, DO the actions I want instead of having to write them out is a change of pace for me.


My name is Vayaviva! And I have a question!


Which godforsaken server do I choose help


The only ones available to me are Hyperion, Excalibur, Ultros, Behemoth, Diabolos, Marlboro, Brynhildr, Exodus, Lamia, and Famfrit! But none of those are this mythical Balmung I keep seeing when I go to google 'RP server FFXIV 2016' so I need a little bit of a shove in the right direction to get started!

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Hey, welcome! I've found RPing to be a great motivator for writing, plus it adds a bit of surprise since you never quite know what to expect from other players. I think you'll enjoy it!


As for servers, Balmung is indeed the best choice for RP, but it can be painfully difficult to get into. Most people wind up having to make a character on one server, then pay for a server transfer over to Balmung. It's a little ridiculous.


But keep trying! There's also some activity on Gilgamesh..and Jenova and Lamia, I believe? The majority of RPers are found on Balmung, though. :C

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I'm mostly weirded out because Balmung isn't even on my LIST of choices, even though I've heard it's NA. Hummm.

This is a pickle. The only server I CAN'T pick is Leviathan, which is closed!


Perhaps I'll have to do as you said and wait for Balmung to open up. Or at the very least, appear on my list of choosable servers!

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Hmm, that's is strange. Maybe because it's a Legacy server? I'm not sure... But yes, keep trying! It should at least show up on the list of transfer servers, if you decide to go that route.

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Bear in mind that you can transfer up to an entire server load of characters for a single transfer fee. So if you have a multi-character subscription, before you do your transfer it behooves you to premake all 8 slots with assorted "potential future alts", and then transfer all 8 characters at once, since it costs the same money to transfer 1 as it does to transfer 8.

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The server transfer went through! I have arrived! I'm Verja Blackstone on the server if anyone wants to hit me up sometime and...I don't know, get me started maybe.

Huzzaaah, welcome to Balmung! I'll keep an eye out for your name!

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