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Allag descendent


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Do we know if it were possible for people from Allag that lived on and continued certain practices and their descendents could use abilities thought long lost? I have an idea but I want to be sure if the lore could support it, if not, it's back to the drawing board.

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There are certainly descendants of Allagans out there. Nael van Darnus, for instance took great pride in being one such person. It's a rare thing to see, but it is certainly possible. However, as for knowing their teachings... that's something even more rare.


Summoning, for example, is an art handed down from the Ascians to the Allagans, and is now taught in secret to a select few. But once again, it's very rare to see and is very hush-hush.


So while it is very possible, some RPers might be hesitant to partake in it. Not because it's lore breaking, but because from a lore standpoint, something like that would be very rare.


Something that might be a happy middle in this regard might be for someone of Allagan heritage to go in search of the secrets of Allag. But that's just an example. There are many different spins you could put on this.

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I would believe it possible but also rare sure. One of things is though is that you wouldn't have had like.... Allag grandparents. It would be like your... great-great-great-great-great grandparent or something like that. So you have the blood but it is diluted.


There is also the blood infusion for generations too thing they talk about in Crystal Tower. Which... confused me. I was just thinking the guy was a half breed considering I -think- that it is possible most Allagans were Midlanders but there is nothing to confirm other than the clones being Midlanders.

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The blood thing they talk about I believe is just a DNA trace that is used as a key by the Allagan nobility of Syrcus Tower to unlock various things. A bit like a retina scan if you will.


That DNA marker remains even if the blood is diluted apparently (seeing as G'raha Tia can still use it after many generations).

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