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Ameline de Valence ~ Sharlayan born researcher and Healer

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General Info

Name: Aveline Valence; formerly Ameline Bellemont

Server: Balmung  

Race: Duskwight Elezen 

Citizenship: Ishgardian (adopted)/ Sharlayan

Age: 23

Orientation: Bisexual

Relationship status: Single

Occupation: Healer, volunteer teacher, researcher


Brief Bio: 


 Born in the Old World to Isolde and Adrien Bellemont Ameline was raised by two top class historians. However when she was very young Ameline and her parents relocated to Sharlayan in Dravania. There her parents continued their research while raising their daughter, despite tense relations with the Garlean Empire and the knowledge that they may need to return home. The fateful news came, and while the majority of Sharlayans returned home the Bellemonts chose to continue their research. Fortunately they were taken in by a kind Ishgardian family; the Valences. Sadly Ameline's parents both succumbed to disease by the time she was 16. However, the Valences decided to adopt Ameline and she has stayed with them, ever grateful for their kindness. 


  Ameline is now an Ishgardian noble, albeit a minor one. She grew up very privileged and received a first rate education from private tutors thanks to the generosity of her adoptive parents. Furthermore, she and her brother both underwent basic military training. Ameline chose the path of the strategist and ultimately received rudimentary training in the art of arcanum. 


  Despite this Ameline did not join the military formally, and instead found her footing as a healer. To further her healing abilities she journeyed to Gridania on her 18th birthday and underwent training as a Conjurer. Her white magic doing much more to help the people of Ishgard in the wake of the dragon attacks.


 Ameline is a very kindhearted person. She hates seeing anyone suffer and will always try to help where she can. This has often gotten her into trouble since she can be overzealous. Once or twice she has even risked her life to help those in need. Despite this she retains a very level head, and a sharp wit. She prides herself on being an excellent judge of character (though her brother would disagree) and a proud Mage. Thanks to her birth parents she has a very keen mind, and takes great joy in learning new things. 


About Me 

I've been RP'ing for a few years now (mostly in WoW), and I've been playing Final Fantasy since about January. I'm not on Balmung yet but I hope to be in the next couple of weeks, after that it's gearing up for a while. However, I am in the UK so I can't guarantee that I'll be online at the same time as everyone else, hence why I have put in my Discord and I will update with my Skype when I figure out how to change my name. :/


Looking for

RP: General role play. 

MRP: Mature role play. Willing to explore darker themes. 

Contacts: I'm generally looking for Ishagrdian Elezen contacts (people she may have come across) to kick off with and go from there. In general though she has been in both Ishgard and Gridania, and teaches on a volunteer basis at St Reinette's. So characters from any walks of life are more than welcome. There are also Sharlayan characters obviously, and those with a general interest in academic pursuits. 



In Game: Starting Sept 10th. I am currently away from home until then and while I may be in-game I won’t be able to commit to RP on the PC since my boyfriend doesn't have FFXIV. 


Out of Game

Skype: [email protected] or Swanmay (didn't let me use a Skype name for whatever reason)

Tumblr: The-Swanmay or Ameline-Valence

Discord: Swanmay#4079 (preferred) 


If you do add me on any of these please drop me a message letting me know who you are first! I've missed a couple of people that way. 



Freestyle: You have no set method in roleplaying. You freely jump from onelining, semi-para, and para with no consistency. 

One Line: Literally one sentence of post length.

Para: Paragraph. Five to six sentences of post length

MultiPara: Multiple paragraphs of post length.

PTM: Post to match. You’ll match what your partner gives. Generally flexible.

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Hooray Balmung! Yessss. One of us! One of us! ONE OF US!




Creepy joking aside, welcome! How've you been doing so far settling in? I think (if my memory isn't playing tricks on me...) that one of my friends, Arietty, had commented on another thread of yours regarding Sharlayan, since her character is all up in the Sharlayan stuff too, so if you two haven't connected I know she's itching to be a friend. :D


And her aside, if you're looking to meet some more people in general, my friends and I are pretty welcoming towards newcomers to the server. Our RP venue usually has some players doing something most nights of the week (USA evenings) and we do at least one public event hosted each week to entertain others who want to attend - this week's is a general tavern night (event details) and you're welcome to come if you like! We also welcome anybody who's nice onto our Discord server's public text chat channel, the details for which you can find at our FC page here on the RPC, if you'd like another way to reach out to us. 


Hopefully after your initial search for friends, you won't ever need to re-search for more. Hah! Yes, bad jokes. Yessss. They don't get any better, so prepare yourself for terrible humor. :3 See you around, hopefully!

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