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Hello, Balmung! It is lovely to meet you all.


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After a lot of work (and a lot of lurking) I finally have my character, Sukoa no Dokusha, set up and ready for RP!  You can find me in-game as Sukoa Dokusha.


I'm... sort of shy and don't really know what to put here, but for those willing to RP, Sukoa is a rather selfless, patient, and incredibly kind conjurer, as well as a spiritual oracle of sorts. My focus will primarily be on server-wide events, open roleplay, and Fate 14.


I look forward to many fun conversations and roleplay with you all!

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Aw, nothing wrong with being shy! It can be a little daunting diving into public events when shy, just because the chat scroll can get quick and it can be hard to decide who to go talk to, but I've found that sometimes a quick OOC message like ((Hey guys, shy character here, someone want to yank her into a conversation?)) might do the trick.


Since you're aiming to check out public events, if you can make it I'd love for you to come by my FC's tavern night this week (event details) and have some fun with us. We have a lot of private chambers set up for public use, too, so if you find the chat scroll starts getting to you, you can always drag off a few new friends and go hang out somewhere around the inn with a bit less eyestrain, and then swing back to the tavern later on.


Hope to see you there! :D

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