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A question about Bahamut and monsters.


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Hey everyone! I have a question regarding Bahamut, and what the whole monster situation is going to be like when ARR finally releases. 

Did the appearance of Bahamut 5 years ago increase the number and ferocity of monsters in Eorzea? At least to the point where it's incredibly noticeable? Is this something everyone else already knows within the lore, or will I only know for sure once I've actually gotten into the game? (Also is it okay for me to make my own thread for this? I may have some other questions that I'll need to add to this thread later on.)


Thanks in advance! c:

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Well, both the size and ferocity of wildlife across Eorzea increased significantly as Dalamud grew closer to Eorzea. That's been confirmed. We can't know for certain whether his release sent them into a greater frenzy, however I'm sure the destruction of their habitats and the fact that most likely had to compete within their species (and with others) for food initially may have prompted them to be even more aggressive than usual for a time.


That, and many new species seem to have popped out of the woodworks since the calamity.

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Without breaking NDA, there are three big things that happened about five years ago...


1) Aether got all bent out of shape. This was happening already before Bahamut's arrival, and the landing of Dalamud did nothing to help matters.

2) Huge and immediate changes were made to the landscape. Rivers shifted course, forests burned, dams broke, and so forth. We've seen some of the extensive damage already from preview screenshots, and watching the end of an era made it clear that ain't nothing getting by without scratches.

3) The adventurer population dropped off immensely. This might not seem like a big deal until you remember that adventurers were the people going out and ensuring that wildlife remained small, manageable, and non-threatening. All those leves you did in which you ensured that no miteling stepped within a hundred yalms of Gridania? Yeah.


As a result, while Bahamut may not have summoned a big Monster Convention and told everyone to go wreck things, he was arguably directly responsible for the huge changes to landscape and environment that prompted a monster population encounter. The last five years have featured monsters getting more aggressive partly because they've just had fewer restraints.

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Thank you very much, Rhio and Merri! This helps me out a whole lot. It's difficult to attempt to form a convincing and realistic timeline around huge, earth-shattering events that I wasn't able to experience firsthand. I really regret not being able to experience the original storyline, but I am super excited that I now have the opportunity to be part of the incredible reboot. I appreciate your input tons a bunch! uwu

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Hello awesome people, I come bearing more questions! c:

It has to do with Estera's name. With the racial naming conventions fully revealed, it seems as though Estera doesn't feel like proper Elezen name. I was considering changing her name to either Estelle or Orianne. The problem, though, is that neither of those names really seem to fit her like Estera fits her. I've looked through tons of appropriate Elezen names, but only those two really stuck out for me, and even they are only just acceptable.


So, I suppose the question is, should I change her name to suit her race more, or should I keep her name to suit her more? If I do change her name, which should I choose, and how do I change her name on her wikipage title? I found that I could change her name within the article, but I haven't really figured out how to change the name of the article altogether.

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If you feel that 'Estera' as a name fits her, you should keep it.  There are a myriad of reasons why she may have been named against "usual conventions" as described in those lore posts.  I had pondered renaming my character for a moment as well but quickly dismissed the idea, even if it goes against the naming conventions somewhat.  If you feel that the other naming conventions could fit better, than you should go that route.  Without knowing more about the character I wouldn't really know which to suggest as being better than any others, but all three names sound lovely to me.  They make me think of "star", kind of.  :)


As for the wikipage, I believe you can just create a new page with that name and copy-pasta everything into it, then just "blank out" the current page.  I think that's what I had done (and will likely need to do again if I'm able to change Eva's surname). (Kylin's way is easier!  ;))

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I seriously wouldn't worry about the fact that your name doesn't fit conventions. That's all they are - conventions. Nine times out of ten, yes, an Elezen girl would not be named Estera. Nine out of ten Elezen girls also won't grow up to swing swords and kill marmots. You don't have to be a slave to conventions if your character's name doesn't quite fit into them.


If it helps, think of the conventions as the traditional naming pattern if all else is equal. Using my own character as an example, Rhio Aldul would not have received her name if she had grown up in a traditional Miqo'te community. But she didn't; she grew up in the Ul'dahn community with a mother whose first name was an Elezen name that Rhio's grandmother happened to like. Her name bears traces of her ancestry, but her surname and middle name are decidedly against tradition. There are tons of reasons why your characters' parents may have avoided tradition, and nothing saying that you can't deviate.

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THIS IS VERY MUCH BELATED but thank you very much for the help everyone! I think now after pondering for a while, I may actually be more okay with changing her name up a bit. I'm still unsure of what to pick, but I should be able to figure it out soon enough. If Estera winds up being the best name for her, then I'll feel a little less guilty about skirting around the naming conventions a bit now. uwu

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