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/gpose is about to get amazing.


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According to this blog, it looks as though /gpose is getting a huge upgrade in features! Lighting, pausing your emotes, color filters, depth of field...


As someone who enjoys adding screenshots to go with their stories, this is great! The ability to pause emotes alone is going to add a bunch of storytelling and editing capabilities.


Unfortunately I can't read Japanese, so I don't know if this is being released in 3.4 or simply 'soon'. But still! SCREENSHOT HYPE.


(Edit: Should this be in FFXIV News? I don't know, I just want to discuss what people plan to do with this. +_+)





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Pausing emotes, facing camera with ease, no sun minion, oh my!!!


And...All the depth of field, lighting, vignette is all stuff I formerly had to do in the editing phase, but will now get to do right in gpose (ok, so I'm still going to go crazy with my shots in the editing phase, but knowing I still have options is nice). 


So yeah, I'm very happy about this addition.

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This /gpose thing... I had no idea existed. I MUST TRY IT AT ONCE!!


Right now it's pretty lackluster. Use an emote (optional), type /gpose, and your character will face the camera and loop that emote endlessly. You can spin the camera around, click/tab between targets (like minions), and it has a nice static depth of field, but that's ultimately it right now.


People are already so creative with screenshots, I'd love to see almost a comic book-type story made by posing characters and such. I'm trying not to get my hopes too high for this, but it's an idea to consider!

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You can also shift the camera's angle and whatnot a bit with the WASD keys (and I guess the directional keys on controller? I dunno.) which I learned somewhat recently. Helps for angling down for the smaller races, giving more dynamic angles in general, and applying things like the Rule of Thirds and Negative Space. Which are, like, the only two artsy photography-esque terms I know. :blush:

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