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RPer new to FFXIV, looking for direction

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So I gathered that Bahamut is the 'main' rp server, but it's full atm. So I wanted some advice as to whether I should wait for transfers there to open up (if that happens with some kind of regularity), or if it's better to just seek out another option, and if so suggestions for other servers with solid RP base. I like development and immersive rather than completely casual/touch-and-go, not sure what else to say there. Thanks in advance.


Edit: looked at some other posts, looks like I would just do the transfer to bypass full server, to Balmung. Comments still welcome.

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Balmung and Gilgamesh are the two heavy-hitters when it comes to RP, but I've heard that Jenova has a nice RP population, too. Typically the servers will open for new players riiiight after maintenance (timing is very important), but other than that the only way to get into a full server is by paying for a transfer. 


Welcome to the realm, by the way! :3

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So I gathered that Bahamut is the 'main' rp server, but it's full atm.


Bahamut isn't really into RP; he's more interested in burning the whole world and destroying everything. :P


Seriously, I started on Diabolos and I couldn't find RP there really at all. It really does seem to be Balmung that has all the RP. I managed to get chars on after maintenance though. The trick is checking obsessively about an hour before maintenance is supposed to end in case it ends early. There is a maintenance coming up, but it's full day maintenance, so I don't know whether that would end early or not. It's worth a try.

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Hello and welcome!


Yeah, unfortunately Balmung is filled to the brim with players, so it can be impossible to grab a spot. :C Hope to see you around though, if you decide to transfer!


If you're thinking of doing that, I would suggest making all 8 characters on a different server, and send sending them to Balmung all at once. It costs the same amount whether you choose 1 or 8, if you do it in the same transaction.


Good luck, and welcome again! :D

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Yeah I transferred my character to Balmung, thanks for the welcomes. Are there certain places that are popular for pickup rp/congregation?


Yesssss, welcome to Balmung! One of us, one of us...


The Quicksand in Ul'dah is hands down the most popular spot on the server, though it can be surprisingly hit and miss sometimes. There are also a bunch of great events/bar nights that you can attend to meet new people!

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