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Hiylo All


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So this will be my second return to the game after a year long hiatus. For some reason it keeps pulling me back in, lol.:lol:


First and foremost, hello to everyone here. As I've mentioned before, this is my second time giving this game a try (the game only has 14 minutes left on my ps4 before it finishes downloading). I'm probably going to start a brand spanking new character and I would really love to roleplay with some of you lovely individuals. I admit I've forgotten a lot of the shortcuts and other little tips and tricks that comes with roleplaying -- especially since i've hardly rp'd thru a video game -- but I'm eager to relearn a lot of this stuff. I hope to meet with a lot of you in-game and introduce you to my character the moment I spend the first five hours in character creation, lol :thumbsup:

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Welcome to the RPC o/


The majority of us are on Balmung, sadly character creation is usually closed here and the only way to get in is transfer (Can try wee hours in the morning or right after maintenance - but it is rare). There are small pockets of RP on all kinds of servers tho!

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