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RP in Heavensward Areas

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With a recent addition to my character roster being based out in the wild of the Dravanian Hinterlands and Forelands, you can imagine how excited I was at the prospect of all the amazing RP that would be available to me in the new areas SE gave us with Heavensward. 

So I set out to see what I could see, but unfortunately, RP was hard to find without straying back into the 2.0 zones.


It's entirely possible that this is because of my time zone. Living in Australia doesn't agree with most RPers on Balmung, but I've yet to find any random RP happening out in the new zones.


So I've decided to make the journey to the RPC and hopefully spark some interest that will make it easier for myself, and others, to find RP based out in Dravania, Coerthas, and Abalathia's Spine. ^^


X'vahn Yoloskiir is the character in question, a wild Miqo'te who calls the ruins of the once-great city-state of Sharlayan home. He's an elusive Seeker, a flash of red and brown furs traversing through the grassy hillocks and ridges of the Hinterlands, and just as often ducking through the giant canopy of Caelum trees that litter the landscape of the Forelands; a mysterious figure who's fleeting presence has been written off as a simple trick of the light more often than not. 


Despite the growth of nearby Idyllshire beckoning wandering adventurers and other seekers of fame and fortune, Vahn has yet to venture into the settlement itself, and those who frequent the newly bustling hub have scant seen more than a glimpse of the man.


Maybe you're a chocobo hunter from Tailfeather, dedicated to your noble profession and striving to make a name for yourself in the community, or perhaps you're character is a mercenary, scouring Idyllshire for a new kind of work. 

Perhaps an artisan, a crafter of fine leather and steel come to sell your fresh-made wares in a different locale, or a travelling merchant searching for new customers as more and more adventurers and wanderers alike make their way north. 

A noble Ishgardian, or a displaced guardsman posted in Falcon's nest, or a skilled hunter of monsters and vicious beasts on the trail of a grander prey. 


If you're character is based out in the new zones, or has any intention of travelling there, or if you as an RPer just want to find some RP in those areas, post a reply, or send me a tell in game, or both if you can! ^^ I'd love to be able to meet some new people and make some RP contacts in these wonderful new areas. I like to think of myself as an adaptable RPer, and I think Vahn would be able to interact with any kind of character.


Disclaimer: As stated above, I live in Australia, so I keep very wierd hours compared to all of you Americans and Europeans. =P But hopefully that doesn't deter anyone from getting in touch with me for some RP. ^^

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I don't RP much out there for exactly the reasons you've cited--there just isn't much to be found. However my character has spent a great deal of time in that area over the past year, mostly hunting (which I physrepped by hammering down on clan hunts for a while). With us being in different time zones a random encounter is unlikely, but if you'd like to arrange to run into each other, I'd be down for it.


Edit because I can't read today apparently. Double edit because I CAN read and need to stop second guessing myself.


X tribe in Dravania intrigues me for Reasons.

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Just a note as someone who plays in your time slot (late night Pacific US), I have had some success with walk-ups in the Sea of Clouds and Forelands by throwing up the RP flag (formerly the Materia Meld flag) in the vicinity of Cloudtop, Ok Zundu, Ok Gundu Nakki, and Loth ast Vath. Even at that hour, traffic through those hubs seems to be steady, so I can only imagine it's even heavier on Balmung.


Hope that helps.

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Sadly I'm in the CST timezone, but Kasi makes her trips out to Ishgard and the surrounding areas on odd jobs and the like all the time (aka doing dailies and a few other things). She's a bit of a wilderness girl on the edge of civilization, usually a lone wolf on the whole and has a severe weakness for a good steak. Certainly wouldn't mind running into you sometime!

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Yay people! ^^ I'll definitely check out the RP traffic in those areas mentioned, maybe some random RP can be found after all. For the others, I'm more than happy to add you guys to friends lost (if I can catch you online) and arrange some RP, maybe in my morning/American evening to help with the time zone difference.

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I also have a character that is frequent in all of the areas above, her main home tends to be in the Forelands but she's frequent in the Hinterlands and occasionally in the others as well. She tends to just avoid most civilized beings seeing as how she was born and raised in the wilds of the Forelands and scoffs at almost anything to do with cities or civilization but she's too curious for her own good at the same time.


Step foot in the Forelands near her home (Iron Feast area) and she's almost guaranteed to crop up to ward you off. The same could be said for some areas in he Hinterlands but she's aware that the area is getting more traffic and that it can't be the entirety of the land, as much as she'd like it to be. Damn Goblins. Umm...but yes, she's open for interactions and anything. She also happens to hang around Vahn quite a bit so if you interact with him and want an easy hook that's possible that way!

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