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So I'm Seriously Considering Transfering to Balmung

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Cause no one on Goblin RPs and I want to RP. But I've already dumped 300,000 on a private chamber, and now 500,000 on an apartment, not to mention all my friends are on Goblin. So I'm very hesitant to transfer unless someone would be interested in forming a story or RP or whatever, cause the internal struggle is real.

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It's Balmung. Literally 1,000s of RPers who have different RP styles etc. As long as you are willing to put in the work to make something happen, it will happen.


Now to be honest, and hope I don't sound like an asshole here, but it seems a problem with a lot of new transfers coming into Balmung is accusing everyone of being clique-ish because they are not instantly accepted and sucked into storylines or plots.


Well, that's not really Balmung's job. You come to the server, YOU have to be willing to initiate RP with other players and actively seek out RP and become a part of it. If you don't, chances are you will be alone except for some random RP at the Quicksand now and again.


So transfer over and get active in trying to locate plots to be involved in and I guarantee you you'll find what you are looking for, just got to do the legwork.


That's not to say we won't RP with you, we gladly will! I will! Just giving you a headsup on teh most common complaint about new transfers. And even then, if you just wallflower in the Quicksand, you're still going to find more RP then just about any server.

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If you are considering a transfer the smartest thing to do is to build a set of alts on goblin and use your FC to help trade a few goodies you think they ought to have, if any. Salable goods or glamour items you can afford. Then when you purchase a transfer, you can send as many over at once as you like and retain your main on Goblin. Granted that depends on your subscription and how many characters you'll want to play. Finding RP depends on yourself (and sometimes a bit of luck with schedules) so I wouldn't give up a good thing on Goblin for an uncertain thing on Balmung. But if you have alts that won't be an issue. Just as long as you're willing to climb the msq again....

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Like sickety said, you need to actively be searching for RP as oppose to sitting around.

There are events almost every day that are open and attending them will be your best foot forward. It will show you want to find those RP partners and be apart of the world.

Attend and familiarize with the people.

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When you don't find RP right away or the type of RP you are looking for, do not despair! There's tons of friendly people on this server, you just might have to take the first step and engage them first. Attend events that are on the calendar and increase your presence, but I reiterate, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO APPROACH OTHERS. There's tons of RP to be found here, you just have to elbow (politely) your way into it.


It took me a long while to start actually putting myself out there more, but once you start you will eventually see a marked improvement in the RP you have available to yourself, it just may take a little bit. 


Personally I wouldn't trade Balmung for any other server, I  think its worth the transfer.

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