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Rendezvous Haunted Tour

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The above flier can be seen on the bulletins of all the major cities, reaching even as far as The Forgotten Knight. Heralding a rather pointed message, it advertises a Haunted Tour that will begin at the estate of the Rendezvous Host Club.


--------------- OoC Info ---------------


Anyone who wishes may come on down to our first ever Haunted Tour, starting at Ward 8, Plot 13 in The Goblet! Attendees are welcome to come take the tour alone, in pairs, or even in small groups. Unlike the usual Host Club fare, there will be NO admission charged, as this event will rely heavily upon the imaginations of those who attend.


The event itself should be relatively short and sweet, and will hopefully involve some fun frights for your characters! They will be lead around by one of our ghoulish Guides, who will ferry them to various predesignated locations. Said locations will each have their own surprises, so be prepared for anything!


The event starts at 3:00 PM CST / 4:00 PM EST, on Sunday, October 30th.


Hope to see some of you there... if you dare! :tonberry:

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Cecily: Feel free to come on down, and you can bring friends~! ♥ That outfit looks super cute, btw!


West: We'll miss seeing you, but hopefully we can snag some pictures or a log or something so that we can share the experience. I can't make any promises, but we shall see! Thanks as always for your support!


Thank you to everyone for helping out with this event. It may not be an overly long event, but I think it will be a very memorable one. :tonberry:




In case people would like it in advance, here will be the recommended track for the event itself (WARNING: Kind of loud! Might want to turn down your volume before clicking) :


This is totally optional, of course -- but there won't be any Orchestrions in play for this one, so the only soundtrack is this external one! This will also be linked to people before they enter the tour. :tonberry:


Groups, couples, or individuals all welcome to come have a run through our Haunted House/Tour!

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I had so much fun going through this haunted tour! I even went through it twice. You should seriously do this again next year!


Thank you kindly. I was surprised to see that you wanted to go through twice, but I guess it's a good thing that some of the room owners prepared multiple scripts!


Some of the volunteers were already thinking about next year by the end of the event, so another Haunted Tour may very well be likely, haha. Everyone had a lot of fun. :moogle:

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