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Hi, I'm new! Sorta...


Last time I did any RP was on Besaid during 1.1, though I barely actually played the game.

That said, I picked the game up again in 2015 (had to get a new account, thanks SE customer service) and played on a server closer to where I live, Odin, but after a year of playing I missed that special something.


So I transferred to Balmung! And dear god the difference is huge. Instead of an empty quicksand with the usual hyur thaumaturge bots, there are people RPing and flying lalafell bots.

It definitely feels more alive, which is something I missed on Odin.


Also I'd love to get in touch with some linkshells and an FC, aside from RP stuff I also really appreciate just OOC socializing.


I play during EU times and you'll generally find me bumming around near Ul'dah, Little Ala Mhigo, the Golden Saucer, or the South Shroud if I'm levelling in PotD.


RP-wise: I'm a highlander raised in Garlean Occupied Ala Mhigo and defected from the conscripted Ala Mhigan army regiment as soon as we were past the Garlean walls.

After arriving in Ul'dah, I quickly set out to become a wandering adventurer.


While sympathetic to the Ala Mhigan refugees who are without a place to call home, I'm not quite stoked about those wanting to retake Ala Mhigo. In my opinion they are fools, as I can't see anyone being able to even break through the iron walls never mind retaking the city.


Instead I've come to enjoy seeking out new experiences, especially those that the Garleans wouldn't allow.


Likes: Battle, Freedom, Old tomes, Animals, The Twelve Gods

Dislikes: Garleans, Ala Mhigan Revolutionaries, Closed Spaces


Combat-wise: I like swinging around large weapons, enjoying the thrill of battle as I fight. Always at the front and the very first to get a hit in. Someone even gave me a soulcrystal and though I don't understand it or what it does, I carry it around anyway.


Well that's a lot of text, the name is Wrakha Arcturis and if you're interested in getting in touch, feel free to send me a tell.

Anyhow, thanks for having me!

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