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I'm not sure if this has already been addressed, brought-up, or discussed but has there been established a method of categorizing our members into their respective Guilds/Linkshells? From what I've noticed, unless we mention it in our signatures there is no other way to determine what LinkShell we are affiliated with primarily.


If this hasn't been brought up, may I suggest the addition of a tag in the avatar area that displays Linkshell affiliation or assign Linkshell colors to the boards (preferably the former).

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I understand, maybe I should clarify.


I mean that when recruitments go live, where it says "posts:" and "Joined:" and "Location" in the avatar box will there be a "Linkshell:" tag as well so everyone will know who is where. If not, is this an idea up for discussion?

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That is a pretty cool idea, actually. From what you are describing it sounds like, underneath someone's avatar to the left

<----- it would say something like





and would give people a quick snapshot of what guild I belonged to. I like it, especially once we all get settled into our groups and won't always remember who is with what group. I imagine it would also be helpful for the Freelancers since they wouldn't have a linkshell group to put in their sig banners anyway.

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Done. I actually had a previous custom field lingering around from the custom rank mod installation.


Should be able to edit your current linkshell affiliation in your profile (under User Control Panel).


Don't really like the current location of it though. Would prefer it moved up and under the user's rank. I'll see if I can fix that later when I'm not so swamped.

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Just noticed this but...some of you old forum members (from back when the forums were green) have your old custom title in your "linkshell" slot. Just thought I'd let you know so you can remove it and/or change it. The field I used was the old broken custom title field and that's why.

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