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Single Mother looking for love again

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I'm looking for a potential romance for Arala and her child. This shouldn't happen immediately and should take a while to get into. My character is looking for a male (bonus points of Miqo'te or even Roe) that will be more than focused on her or anything and is comfortable with the idea of a child npc (roughly 10) sometimes around.


Her old husband died sometime ago and now she feels something missing. That romance she once loved is gone and is more painful when her daughter is actively trying to push her onto others at times.


Her name is Arala Makeo in full and i suggest sending a whisper for a lot more information and questions. We can set up interaction time then and there but no on the following days. (Tuse/Thurs/Sun) and my timezone is EST. Yet i am able to be up fairly late for certain timezones.


Other characters to whisper...

Alyx Quintessence

P'rita Kali


or send a message in the forum to this account. 


please and thank you.

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