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Katsumi Owatatsumi [BALMUNG]

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Character Infomation (RP)



#1: Katsumi Owatatsumi (RP Character)


[Outlander-Silent/Toned/Scars] MRP✓


An Outlander when it comes to the main three kingdoms in the south. This Xaela wonders Eorzea alone and does not claim a clan nor a sister dragon, and is presumed to be a orphan by most normal folk, but when it comes to her northern-kind she is thought to be a deserter or the remains of a defeated clan..which in either case, if their paths cross, it will most certainly end in conflict...however, this xaela is no stranger to way of the sword and has carved her way to door step of the shrouds, Gridania, Where her destiny begins to unfold . . .


Though through her travels south she has learned to appear civil in most settings it is still clear that she defaults to old primitive instincts and manners when she feels she is not being watched or.. simply when she does not care. All one must do is walk into her private chambers and see how she has made more of a "den" than an apartment, but the most strangest thing of all is her animal like silence.


★ [ All conversations outside of game (Forums, Steam, IM's) are OOC ]

★ [ Do not ask for charecter's morals, beliefs, or views OOC ]





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In Character Vs. Out of Character

Killing On Site / Random Deathmatch

God Mode, like. / Mary-Sues

Lore/Cultural breaking

New Life Rule

Green/Safe Zones

Teen / Mature / Adult Roleplay

Combat Logging / Going AFK / Avoiding RP While In Character (Dependent on Game, i.e. MMO's)


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Ohhh I think I've seen you a few times in Quicksand before--That or maybe not... I don't know to be honest. I have terrible memory, you see but I'm sure I've seen your name somewhere before many times already! xD


But yes, ah, welcome to the forums? :D


Your character seems very interesting and mysterious! O: If you ever see an Ayaka Yatsurugi in-game, don't hesitate to drop a hi :3

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