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Noir Cat on Balmung, hello!


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Hello friends; I'm not exactly new to FFXIV or roleplaying in general, but when you put those two together, boy I sure am. I've been playing the game since about 2014, but only recently (in the last six or so months) transferred to Balmung. I've already had my feelers out there, but my schedule doesn't allow for prolonged periods of roleplay. I'm a member of several other RP circles on other games, so I have to evenly distribute time.


MMORPG Background

My very first MMO was, I think, Space Station 13; for big name titles, thereafter I got involved in Guild Wars 2 and then Star Wars: The Old Republic. After that crashed and burned, I returned to SS13 as I'd played it for many years with the others - and added Phantasy Star Online 2 to the list.


Final Fantasy XIV was recommended to me by the selfsame group of friends I played pretty much all those MMOs with, and unlike the rest, it managed to hold my interest. I held out all those years for Machinist, and immediately dropped all other classes to play it. Now, even after my friends have gone, I'm still here and play mostly by myself.


RP Experience

For the past seven years, I've roleplayed. My very first roleplaying game was an IRC RP based off of a webcomic that I read; one of the players there introduced me to Space Station 13, and the rest is history. I've RP'd in GW2, FFXIV, and a lot of offline games from homebrew systems to circles of friends.


Character Info

I play an inspector with Ul'dah's Brass Blades. Ana is an embittered, almost middle-aged detective who has a penchant for going Dirty Harry with her gun once in awhile. Born in less-than-stellar conditions and raised around people who skirted ethics and the edge of the law, it helped shape her strong sense of justice and resistance to traditional methods of usurping law enforcement. Bribery, what have you.


She doesn't get along with the Ul'dahn nobility very well, because of this. 'The last good cop in a city of corruption', if you asked her. Clanless, independent, and fiercely abrasive, she spends most of her time brooding over a glass of whiskey and being generally unpersonable.


More information here at her RPC page, and a recently started Tumblr.


What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

Casual, heavy to medium. I drop text walls a lot, but don't expect them in return. There's nothing particular I'm after; FFXIV is a game outside of roleplay, and I have a lot of general grinding to do, so I tend to only be on-call or hang out somewhere in the Quicksands when I'm looking to write. Otherwise, most of my time is spent hitting dungeons or cradling myself in the fetal position as I stare at my relic tracker.


Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing?

I feel it is important to note that I am transgendered; specifically, a transwoman. I work as a tech supervisor for a big name office retailer, and work full-time. As such, my schedule isn't as free as I'd like it to be. Outside of that, nothing else is really important.


I'm okay sharing Discord information. Toss me a PM or /tell in game if you want to RP or something.

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Hello and welcome friend! :love:


This is an awesome write up, I'm in love with Ana just based on this alone! As soon as I get out of work I'm going to have a sit and go through her entire profile, she just sounds too amazing.


Balmung is a great place, I'm sure you'll have tons of fun :)

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