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Old Player Returning...


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:moogle: Greetings out there,


I am a recently returning player that has considered checking out the RP scene. I enjoyed the RP scene of vanilla WoW and SWG back in the day so I thought I would look into it while returning to FFXIV since it has generally added to the enjoyment of any MMO I was playing. My new Lalafell is currently residing on Siren though I am not opposed to transferring in the future if needed.


Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself. I don't eat much and can sleep on almost anything. I also attempt to be quick-witted when the time calls for it. Hopefully I will get to know some of you and forge some new friendships in time.

I now take my leave by way of a professional cactuar dance. :cactuar:

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Well that is a dang good cactuar dance if I ever saw one


Welcome! Yeah, if RPing is your jam, you'll probably want to consider switching over to Balmung. That's where a majority of roleplayers are located, with a few scattered around Gilgamesh/Jenova/maybe Fairy?


But yeah! Welcome back!

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