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...is literate and can do numbers - Purchase at Own Risk

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::Upon the bleakest markets of the Sea of Clouds and the Seas of Limsa Lominsa, a tattered scrap of parchment can be found nailed to the corner of a few market boards. Though the message is half worn or perhaps intentionally unclear, those with savvy enough in such things would know what it seeks to actually advertise: A person as a property. "Has skill with curative magics. Clothed, fed and attractive. Is literate and can do numbers - Purchase at Own Risk."::


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//Allow me a short moment to introduce myself and explain more clearly what it is that I'm seeking here: A group/FC/linkshell where Y'Nora can gain purpose - whether that is to continue her status as a 'possession' or be granted limited freedom by someone compassionate. I've been an RPer for nigh a decade now and would like to consider myself a mature and artistic person. I'd much like an FC or a small group to relate Y'Nora to - a place where she can evolve her own story as well as take part in influencing the Fates & Fortunes of those around her.


Please feel free to PM me with inquiries or offer critique on the character. Though I am equally okay with someone benevolent and compassionate 'purchasing' her to save her from a horrible fate as I am okay with arranging some crime lord to buy her to add to his/her growing syndicate - either presents interesting opportunities for character and plot evolutions - I'd simply like to discuss it first.


As a final note: I'm perfectly okay with darker & mature themes, BUT. Y'Nora isn't someone's "personal f*cktoy" - those seeking to purchase her purely for 'carnal entertainment', I'm not the RP partner for you. Such encounters are fine in the right scene and time but not as a central theme nor with an unwilling participant...that remains backstory only.//

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Hey there! Gotta say, this caught my eye after reading your wiki profile as being one of the more unique and rare character concepts I've seen around thus far. You seem to have a pretty good handle on where you'd like for it to go too. Hopefully you'll get some quality responses here. 


Right out, I can suggest ShroudLife for you as a means to find some more fellow Miqo'te players. You can find a link to that in my signature with the full disclosure! It certainly errs more on the wilderness side of the spectrum, which Nora seems to have some background in considering her past. It's a pretty good bunch and there's plenty of opportunities for random meetups here and there, buuuuuut... considering she's a slave, those might not apply so easily for her, unless she's allowed a pretty open amount of freedom to wander. 


I'll see about dropping you a PM here for the rest. Good huntin'!

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