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Rhen Paharo

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Hey everyone! I've been on ffxiv for a while now, but I wanted (and have been looking for online) to find an rp group that is sociable (i.e. events) and just overall friendly. I'm not a very experienced role-player, and I'm looking for something light - medium. I have looked through the halls on this site and it seems most are for medium to heavy type of players and that sort of gets my spirits down. are there any FCs or linkshells that are just casual?

I'm on the Balmung server, R'nabyano Mitnu is the name of my miqo'te. I'm hoping to search for a welcoming role playing group either in game or on here.

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Hello there, and welcome! :love:


I can't recommend any groups by name, I'm relatively new to the community as well but I will say, sometimes just hanging out around RP and observing will help you get a little more comfortable, help you get a feel for role play.


The Quicksand is always busy, you can watch and most encounters I've observed in there are fairly casual - it might be a place to get your feet wet? Server events are also really nice, lots of people you so you can quietly watch and they're always pretty fun!


Don't get discouraged, there are so many people on this server and so many groups that there is something for everyone, and people who are always willing to help! ^^

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Hey there, and welcome aboard! :thumbsup:


I'd recommend ShroudLife to you- it tends to be pretty light-medium and you can find a good number of random folks to run into (including me). It's based around the Shroud and wanderers, travelers, and hunters. If you're interested, just hit the link in my signature! If Kasi tickles, you're certainly more than welcome to run across her too!

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