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Am I right for your group?

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Hello, I am a returning player. I play mostly 10p-12a M-F. I am definetly a more casual player, but I am really passionate about RP. I am looking for  FC for my Elezen. My basic back story is young person with wanderlust trying to find adventure. She is a bit on the innocent side. 

  I am looking for a group of people to have fun with. People who like to go out in tbe world an RP, as much as stay in from time to time. I'm not against more adult situations, but it cant be the sole driving force of the group. 

  I also need people that are patient and able to help me advance my character in game as well as in RP. 

   If you think I might fit in your group, then please contact me here or in game. Character: Zoe Lefluer. 

Thank you in advance for your time.

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Welcome back! I hope you'll find something you're looking for but my guess is that you will. Balmung has a wide assortment of linkshells and free companies. I'd take a look on here, RPC is where I've found most of my connections, which linked me to even more things later on. So yeah, give it a whirl and I hope you have fun.

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Hm. 9-11 PM CST isn't too bad either- definitely some activity to be found.


I didn't suggest it on your welcome post since it didn't seem to fit at the time, but if you're looking for world RP hooks, then I'd suggest potentially poking ShroudLife. There's a lot of opportunity there for roaming world RP and wilderness themed stuff, if there's any appeal in that to you. You can find the whole information dump in my signature. That being said, it IS a linkshell- this isn't a FC, so it's not like you need to make any crazy commitments to it. 


Apart from that, Celestine might be a good option, as might be Glowfly Exchange. If you were Miqo'te, I'd point you toward either Morbolvine or Shroudwolf, and even though Shroudwolf does accept non-Miqo'te, it's a bit of a niche position that has some challenges behind it. Those are the guilds I can speak from experience from on being at least somewhat active. 


Hope this helps a bit!

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