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Stellazzio Pizzeria

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Crammed into every Ul'dah resident's mog mailbox is this small flyer





What: Stellazzio Pizzeria, Eorzea’s first hole-in-the-wall pizza joint


When: Every Wednesday, 7-9 EDT. NPC staffed outside this time, but open for RP use.


Where: Goblet, Ward 11, Plot 27 (downstairs). This is the Of the Desert FC house. Use the southeast shard, house is right there.


Other info: Deliveries within Ul’dah can be requested outside our official tavern hours (until I hire more staff). Tin Man is the restaurant manager, but you can contact any one of my alts if they are online at the time: Valia Rosa, Brinn Rosa, or Ralin Thalin.


Why??: Who doesn’t love pizza? And there’s a strange lack of weekly Goblet events. And c’mon… pizza.


But… but, lore: Vegetable toppings baked onto flatbread has been around forever. What is the history of the dish in Eorzea? *vague hand wave* It’s a traditional dish from the Old World, of course! *coughGarlemaldrumorscough*

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I'm gonna try to make it tomorrow but if not definitely sometime soon. I love the idea of a pizzeria so much! It'd be awesome if Khaz could become something of a regular there! Who doesn't love a good slice of pizza?

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Updated with this week's special!


Some things to know:

  • Order at the counter (Drink orders may be taken by npc if busy)
  • Pick up your food at the counter when called
  • Sit where you like
  • A wide variety of smoked and salted meats are available, as are a large selection of vegetables.
  • Fruit pizza (a dessert made on a cookie crust with a cream cheese 'sauce') is available.
  • Prices are IC only, no actual gil is exchanged. (tips welcome of course!)
  • 1000 gil = $10 USD (to give an idea of the exchange rate I use.)

If I miss your /say message, please send me a /tell directly! I will send a follow up /tell to you when your order is ready as well.


Hope to see you this week!


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Ever wanted to work in a fast-paced, fun environment surrounded by yummy pizza?


Now’s your chance!


We are looking for enthusiastic, sociable, reliable folks for the following positions: Apprentice cook, Bartender, Wait staff, Dishwasher, Pizza deliverer. No experience needed!


Contact Tin Man for an interview.




OOC info:


Guys, I’m swamped. lol. Running this place solo basically means I am expected to do 1 on 1 rp with several people at once. I do my best to keep things succinct while still ensuring the environment suits the nature of the tavern (ie Greeting people, making the pizzas, pouring the drinks, etc.). Of course, how busy we are varies wildly throughout the night; I may be faced with full tables and a line or have some down time where I busy myself cleaning up the kitchen (this is rare). Last night was the first time I’ve had someone up and leave without ordering. I’m not sure if it was because we had a rush at the time and there were 5 people ahead of them in line or if it was just too spammy for them. While I know that the Pizzeria may not be for everyone, I would hope that people come and have a good time rather than bad.


Things you should know both as a potential employee or as a customer:


- Yes, the chat scroll is real. Having experience dealing with this at other events is helpful because it can be a bit of a shock if you aren’t expecting it. As with any tavern RP, it is helpful and thoughtful to send your order to the staff via /tell. Feel free to post it to /say of course, in keeping with the atmosphere, but I’m gonna need a follow up tell so I don’t miss it.


- As of right now, I’m the only staff of the Pizzeria. I do my best to keep track of who requested what, when, and in what order. Please be patient, even if your character wouldn’t be.


- Customers come up and order at the bar; you pick your order up at the bar when called. I don’t have the time to visit each table individually. (This may change if I can hire some wait staff.)


- We craft and sell pizzas only. I do not have the IC kitchen space (nor interest at this time) to make any other type of food.


- We don’t have a menu. I know this is a big deal for folks, so I will try and pull a nice menu together at some point. If a meat, veggie or fruit (we have a dessert fruit pizza) exists in game, I can slap it on a pizza. I do some handwaving with specific terms like pepperoni (it takes too long to say spiced, cured, sliced buffalo and boar meat) that doesn’t exist in game at this time.


- Our hours are from 6-9 pm EST. I will go til 10 pm since I know a lot of folks are used to the 7-10 pm events and we are still pretty busy after 9. After 10 however, I’m gonna start giving folks the stinkeye and turning off the lights for my own sake. Recently, I’ve had customers til well after midnight. I will start giving 10 minute warnings that we are shifting to npc staff ahead of time.


- If you are interested in helping run the event, please be honest with how long you can work (either in hours per session or in number of weeks). I’m not going to say don’t apply if you can’t commit; I know it can be overwhelming and draining, so it’s perfectly okay if you decide this job isn’t for you. Don’t just… not show up or tell me at 6 pm that you want to do something else.


- As staff, you are more than just an npc! Feel free to rp as your character (clumsiness, IC laziness, burning the food, chatting it up with customers, etc.) and trust me, I will rp back at you. xD Just keep in mind that we want folks to have a good time while there (no trolling, rudeness, or ooc laziness).


- I am also looking for IC suppliers! If you cook, garden, or hell... want to supply napkins or dinnerware, feel free to reach out to me. Like any restaurant, please peddle your wares outside of our busy hours.




I look forward to hearing from you!


You can message me on tumblr (ex-atomos), here on the RPC, on discord (exatomos#4455), or contact one of my characters in game: Valia Rosa, Brinn Rosa, Tin Man, Alberic Grimmeau, Ralin Thalin, Chanar Himaa, or Daire Hawke.

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We have a special running this week to celebrate patch day! Take a break from the msq (muh feels), tome grinding, pvp grinding, and the wtfery of Dun Scaith and stop by for a pizza and ale!


We also have a new layout in the restaurant that allows for more seating while looking more open (it's like magic) as well as more seating outside!


As always, remember to place your order at the bar!


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Original post updated to reflect change to Daylight Savings Time *grumbles curses*


We’ve been asked fairly often recently about whether the Pizzeria is open outside of Wednesday evenings for groups to RP there. It is definitely available anytime, but is NPC staffed outside of Wednesdays.


The cook/bartender NPC is named Khoor “Smiley” Dotharl. He… actually doesn’t smile much cause his teeth are filed to points and he knows that tends to freak Eorzeans out. He is really easy-going and claims to be a “retired” Dotharl. (Of course I’m not sure exactly how one ‘retires’ from a tribe. I asked once and he just smiled at me with all those pointy teeth. I’m not asking again. O.o’ )


If you would like to have the Pizzeria staffed by players outside of our usual weekly event for your FC gathering or private party, please reach out to me (exatomos) at least a few days in advance and we’ll work out the details.


So there you have it, folks! Come on down and enjoy fresh baked pizzas when you want!

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Just a head's up that tonight (June 7) will be the last day Stellazzio Pizzeria is open until mid July!! While the players are busy with Stormblood, the staff of Stellazzio will be enjoying a well-earned vacation in Costa.


Stop on by tonight and get your pizza fix!

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Hey Everyone!


The staff of Stellazzio is taking a much needed vacation for a month so the players can enjoy Stormblood without feeling rushed. Thank you SO much for your patronage thus far and we look forward to seeing you again in July!


Much love to you all and have fun!

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WE ARE BACK! Re-opening tonight, July 19th, from 6-9 pm EDT.










Hope to see you there!





Mod edit: Topic moved back to active events segment. In the future send a pm or report the thread for a faster response!

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Just a heads up that our new hours go into effect tonight! We'll be open from 7-9 pm EDT (was 6-9). Hope to see you there!


ETA: Since it's been a thing a few times now, I thought it best to make a new policy. If you would like to place a large group order (more than 6 pizzas at once), please call in advance!

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We've nearly doubled the seating in Stellazzio Pizzeria!




Hopefully this will help control the chaos a bit! We're also swapping to taking orders at the table after you're seated (before, everyone would order at the bar, then find a seat).


The kitchen and main part of the restaurant is still downstairs.


Remember, Stellazzio Pizzeria is player staffed on Wednesdays from 7-9 pm EDT, but is open to the public (npc staffed) around the clock!




We look forward to seeing you soon!

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