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Various characters looking for RP and social connections

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I've got a few characters on Balmung I want to RP more. Here's some brief introductions of them! Please tell me if any of them interest you! They’d love to make connections.




[align=center]Mari Evensong[/align]



A roudy girl who’s first, second, and third love is money. Ever cheerful and charming, people never expect to be swindled out of their money in her presence. She also has a way of getting tongues wagging and sells any juicy information she collects for a pretty penny. K’mari at birth, she left her seeker tribe and grew up with her mother and hyur stepfather in the shroud where she learnt to value every coin she could hoard and developed her social graces before putting her skills to work in the underground of Eorzea.



[align=center] A'rhyz Tia[/align]



A’rhyz has always been a wanderer; he left his tribe in his teenage years and has wandered ever since. To support his lifestyle he begun working on farms along his journey for a few weeks to a few months at a time. He quickly fell in love with farming as it appealed to his nurturing side and passion for all things natural. He particularly loves animal handling although he does carry a few scars from his more difficult charges. Because he’s never really been in one place for too long and is more comfortable around animals than people, A’rhyz is shy, awkward, anxious, and finds it difficult to build relationships. He moved to Limsa and started life as an adventurer in order to challenge himself to interact with people and improve his social skills



[align=center]Ahlia Glazrael[/align]



A 25 year old Doman assassin, raised from birth to be a weapon and nothing more. She’s been taught not to feel anything, not to think anything unless her master wishes it. At the coming of her 21st birthday she escaped that life and experienced a few years of bliss with her roegadyn husband as she learned to be a person again. Her husband and light of her life tragically passed on and Ahlia moved to Eorzea to recover.



[align=center]Yan Malqir[/align]



Yan is a 30 year old Xaela scholar. He hails from a tribe where, unlike most tribes where males use fighting to determine the next leader, leadership was challenged through a game of logic. Yan therefore grew up placing a high value on intelligence and developed a love for learning. Unfortunately, his social skills did not develop as much as his intelligence. Yan is surly, unapproachable, arrogant, and rude. Yan views intelligence as the most important trait a person can have and has an inflated opinion of himself, often viewing others as beneath him. He has spent a large portion of his life travelling the world in search of rare tomes.



[align=center]Ada Talon[/align]



Ada is your typical Ala Mhigan refugee. Tragic though her story may be, there are thousands like her and she endeavours to help as many of them as she can. With no blood relatives she made a family in the younger refugees living on the streets of Ul’dah alongside her, protecting and providing for them to the best of her abilities. Ada rose through the ranks in the Coliseum and, at 27 years old when her makeshift family grew independent, she adopted the life of adventurer she had always dreamed of.


I like all forms of RP but I prefer in-game and short-term RP. I also adore group RP! Any longer story lines will need to be discussed beforehand. 

All of these characters (except Mari) are fine with ERP. Yan and Ada are strictly interested same-sex partners only. They have f-lists I can link if asked so please read them. 



Thanks! I hope someone is of interest to you! 


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It's possible Yan would bump into the younger Alberic Grimmeau (wiki link in sig) while looking at books in a library or book shop. Alberic is more of a quiet loner, so I doubt Yan would have his feathers ruffled by him. Maybe a friendly game of chess here and there? (I'm sure we can /random our way through it. :D )

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Hey, I've looked over your thread, and would be interested in rp'ing some time.




[align=center]The Soldier[/align]





My main, Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn.  A Maelstrom vet with over 19 years of combative experience, a warriors soul crystal around his neck, and an axe larger than most hyur, he's an intimidating son of a bitch.  But appearances can be deceiving.  The man is incredibly kind, to the point of nearly being selfless.  Always willing to help someone in need for the price of a pint and a tale afterwards: be it stopping street thugs, or pummeling primals, he's game.  




The Inventor



Growing up in a traditional Dunesfolk Nomadic family, Jujuwai is a bit... rustic.  He, his three brothers, and one sister, all grew up roaming Thanalan upon the backs of a herd of adamantoise, and it often shows in his mannerisms.  However, thanks to the firm insistence and efforts of his mother, he and his siblings where all educated.  Following the calamity, the family was forced to stop their nomadic ways for a time, and take refuge in Ul'dah, where they all took up various jobs in order to sustain themselves.  In the instance of Jujuwai, this was an apprenticeship with an engineer of the Garlond Ironworks.  Years later, Jujuwai has come into his own as an engineer and mechanic, working in the employ of the Foreign Levies of the Maelstrom as support staff: repairing and creating devices to help them fight the good fight.




The Professor



[align=left]Hailing from the Western Highlands of Coerthas, Aulsoix Claimane is a scholar of thaumaturgy, archaeology, history, and any other topics what happen to grab the interest of his infinitely curious mind. He keeps his personal life mostly to himself, preferring general anonymity.  He currently works in the employ of the Thaumaturges Guild of Ul'dah, where he specializes in the handling of dangerous artifacts: often being sent out to retrieve them to be brought back to the ossuarry for safe keeping and study.  He has been known to teach classes at various institutions around Eorzia, and even takes on the occasional pupil, educating them in the thaumaturgical arts.  


Upon first meeting, he is impeccably polite and cordial, if a bit distant.  Often coming across as cold, it is likely a byproduct of his Ishgardian upbringing.  However, as one gets to know him, he has been known to loosen up on occasion; typically with a glass of wine in hand.



[align=center]The Gladiator[/align]




Illeaux Dravant grew up a troublesome street rat in the city of Ul'dah, fighting tooth and nail to survive.   When he reached adulthood, unfortunate cirucumstances took him into the arena, where he fights to this day.  He's gruff, rough around the edges, and has a penchant for drinking and smoking... but at heart he's a good guy, and more than willing to risk it all to help those in need.  So long as its his definition of "in need".  



[align=center]The Survivor[/align]






One of the last know members of his clan, G'rahta is a friendly miqo'te... if an onze serious at times.  Trained since his youth to be a warrior, and to protect his peoples village, he is an expert combatant.   When the Empire pressed into Othard, he joined with the resistance, leaving his village behind, only to return once the resistance fell to find that the village was raised during the war.   He has since come to Eorzea, and is searching for his fellows amongst the other refugees to some success...


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