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((Attention Applicants:


We here at Corvus Cinis, a subsidiary entity of Starkwood Corporation and Sanctioned Free Company of the Crown of Ul'Dah, are quite pleased to hear of your interest in joining the ranks of our fine employees. In this short letter, we hope to address a few of the questions you may have about just what it is that Corvus Cinis does: for the people of Ul'Dah, but more importantly, for the people of Eorzea and Hydalen on the whole.

We at Corvus Cinis believe in the fulfillment of dreams and the lifelong happiness of all. That is why we pledge, nay, we dedicate our lives to the finding of what is lost, whether it be a relic from a by-gone age that shall help to save the world from a coming apocalypse, or the ragged toy bear of a beleaguered and penniless child...why? Because we care.

So, if you too, have a go-gettng attitude, a hard-core work ethic, a love of adventure, and an enthusiasm for helping others while still recieving a quite excellent salary and very competitive healthcare benifits plan, not to mention a sliding-scale bonus system based on performance and skill, and can work within the system as necessary, keeping the image of our Company and the esteem of the Grand Companies and the CIty-States of Eorzea for which we ahve striven so hard to garner in mind at all times, find us at the Raven Court, 13 Sapphire Avenue, Ul'Dah, under the Sighn of the Crow. We are past the last market, and the final court is the Court of the Burning Crow.


With Warmest Regards,

Alothia Starkwood))



RP Intensity: 46-75%

Theme: Private investigators/finders of all the things

Free Company: No

Recruitment: Closed

Server: Balmung

Website: http://aessedaitower.enjin.com/'>http://aessedaitower.enjin.com/



Information (IC):


Eorzea is always in need of people to help reunite people with their lost items, objects, people, and memories. No job is too big or too small for Corvus Cinis. We've been helping the streets of Eorzea since before The Calamity, and will continue to do so once our doors reopen. If you are interested in hiring us, or looking at us for employment opportunities, please send all inquiries to Alothia Starkwood. If your matter is urgent, you may check Soliloquy Tavern in Limsa, and leave a message for her there.


Thank you for taking the time to check us out! We hope that we can be your home in Eorzea!


~Alothia Starkwood



Information (OOC):


We are a moderate to heavy RP shell based around the idea of a mercenary company that specializes in finding items...similar to a detective agency. We accept all levels of RPers from new to old alike, and we strive to help to build the RP community to one that is both exciting and entertaining. If you are interested in joining Corvus Cinis, please put that on your application and we'll see about getting you set up as a trial member! We do not have a strict interview process, and instead like to work with potential applicants to see if we fit. We rely heavily on OOC communication here, and feel that it is an integral part of our RP experience. If you have mumble and would like to get to know us, just drop us a line.


We pride ourselves on being an all-inclusive community, hoping to find RP not just within our ranks, but with other linkshells as well. If you have any storylines that you are developing, and you would like to involve our members, please don't hesitate to ask. You can send a message to Alothia here on these forums, or on the Corvus Cinis website at http://aessedaitower.enjin.com . You can also contact Alothia on skype, username AlySedai. Just be sure to put in your message that you're from the RPC, please!

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I just want to say, the presentation of this with the letter and the typing and the stamp? Very well done. It really is an eye catcher!


Thank you! One of our past members made it for us!


Toodles lost his marbles...

Can we help him find them? ;)


Seriously... this sounds like fun! Would love to link up with you all.


And yes... lovely job with your scroll and script!!



The more the merrier! We're always open to RPing with anyone who has need of a finder (We're the Hufflepuffs on Eorzea. We're very good finders) or who wants to join up with us. Feel free to check out our website or PM me if you have any questions~!

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Just wanted to offer a short apology to anyone who has been trying to meet up with us. Our current storyline has us in a bit of company strife, and so we haven't been able to ICly get to adding new members and jobs and such. Please be patient with us, and shoot me a tell if you want into our OOC LS for the time being. ^^

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*Free Bump!*


G'morning, My character K'mana would be interested in hiring your clan to search for several missing persons (all other players). How much would a project like this run IC?


Love the idea by the way, it jumped out at me on the Linkshell page, when I was browsing thinking about hiring bounty hunters to find my missing persons xD

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Due to some in game and out of game things that are going on, I'm temporarily closing the doors of Corvus Cinis. I'll reopen them at a later date.


Thank you to all of the people who made my time in 1.0 and some of 2.0 enjoyable. I'll still be around, feel free to poke me if you need me. <3 you all.



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