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Friends? Enemies? (Are frenemies even a thing still?)

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Okay, I thought I'd go ahead and throw one of these up because it's definitely a lot less creepy than idling around in the Quicksand looking at everyone's gorgeous glamour outfits lmao :')


tl;dr: hi please be my girl's friend or enemy or whatever the heckity could possibly be in between! if you're interested, feel free to leave your ign name here for me to shoot you a /tell, or go right ahead and do the same for me over at Syndra Avagnar. (I'm online now and will be for a while, but my hours are generally 2~3 PST until ass o' clock at night.)


I might make a wiki sometime in the far future when I find the task to be a little less daunting, but until then, here's a bit about Syndra as you'll likely meet her:


  • Extremely prideful regarding her identity. She'll introduce herself with her full name because there isn't so much of a risk doing so here. There shouldn't be much issue regarding this unless your character is knowledgeable about Xaela clan disputes/history, in which case she'll be rather sensitive (almost overbearingly so) about being acknowledged as Avagnar and not Adarkim. 
  • Pretty bewildered, but doing her damn best not to make it too obvious. Her life has pretty much revolved solely around the Avagnar and Adarkim ways, so seeing so many different cultures blend together is a bit of a shock.
  • Blunt. She says exactly what she means, and gets visibly agitated when people try to hide their intentions through vague wording or intentional misdirection. This may make her come off as nosy, but she's actually just more annoyed at the lack of honesty. She doesn't need to know whatever the problem is, but she'd appreciate being told that it's none of her business rather than being babied into letting the topic drop.
  • Many would hate the Garleans for forcing them off their land, but Syndra is a little ambivalent towards the issue. On one hand, the idea of foreigners taking Xaela soil disgusts her; on the other, she owes it to the chaos following their occupation that allowed her to separate from the Adarkim and safely (albeit extremely shallowly) reclaim her identity.
  • She doesn't really consider herself a mercenary or anything of the sort, but she occasionally picks up one-time jobs that require quick work with a blade. It's just enough to sustain herself, because she isn't too fond of the idea of working for strangers.
  • Aaanndd finally, she's gonna be that one person that always makes comparisons between where she's at and what it was like back at home. She's homesick, but she's also glad to be away. Emotionally, it's a pretty frustrating place to be.

Background info and additional details regarding personality, philosophy, etc. is, of course, available if anyone would like to know. Otherwise, I'm pretty much looking for... just about anyone, really, to help me get my feet off the ground! IC-wise, she's normally kind of lingering around in or just outside of Ul'dah, if that helps.


Finally, here's a link to my player directory post thing. Hope to talk to y'all soon! :^)

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I'm certainly happy to throw Kasi in Syndra's direction sometime soon! Kasi makes regular trips out towards Ul'dah and Gridania to conduct business, trade, and pick up new job contracts, and from there she roams pretty far and wide. You can read a bit about Kasi from her RPC profile in my signature, if you're interested- let me know if anything catches your eye as a potential hook! For what it's worth, Kasi has the potential to be either a friend or an enemy- and certainly some muddled combination of the two. She's the kind of mercenary that doesn't take her job personally; she'll drink, cook (mmmm meat), and have a good time with you one day, and take the job to collect a bounty on your head the next. Everyone's gotta make a living somehow!

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On the phone, so if a weird or funny word crops up I shall blame autocorrect! But I'd happily toss either of my boys at Syndra, though as of late I've been trying to focus a tad more on Khaz! Wikis are both in my signature if you're at all interested. That said, I tend to keep odd gaming hours so I mostly RP on Skype/PMs here, if that's okay with you then awesome!


I'm betting you'll have fun meeting Kasi, who I need to try to RP with too sometime! No rush on my end, with the holiday around the corner I'll be kept mostly busy but if you're still up for some writing and it works for you, sometime after the holiday would be great!


Happy writing!

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Edit from not on phone!


Hello! Khunbish is one who spent a good long while under Adarkim heel, after he was initially raised as a Shaman for the Avagnar tribe, he's definitely looking for friends, and other Avagnar while attempting to duck/avoid any true Adarkim. His name is tagged as Adarkim as his, immigration papers were not filled out by him but for him, by a now deceased Adarkim.


Khun would understand a great deal of Syndra's issues, including being homesick, although he's accepted that he probably will not see Othard for a long time, and has the helpful benefit of having been in Eorzea a tad longer, ALTHOUGH . . . his Eorzean is broken


IGN - Khunbish Adarkim

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Y'ALL I WAS GETTIN SO READY TO WAKE UP TO SILENCE SO I WAS LIKE ok i guess i gotta bust out the lame puns and jokes, ain't nobody gonna guess i totally googled these beforehand };^) anyway, forgive my lack of neat quotes and formatting bc I'm ass at this forum thing, but!!


@Thunderbolt300: Aaaaayy please, that sounds great!! Kasi seems like an extremely dynamic and fun character, and I'd love to be able to see her in action. I'm super awful at thinking of meeting scenarios, so feel free to throw something at me if you have another idea you prefer, but a few that came to mind after reading her wiki were:

  • "lady is there a reason you're hunting and eating star marmots out here bc restaurants are things that exist", "the food here sucks major ass", "well have you tried (whatever the heckity)"
  • "cat, what are you drinking", "did you just call me cat", "kitten??", "dude come on"
  • "i noticed that person (npc?) you sometimes hung out with is dead, why do you seem ok about this", "fam a job is a job", "YOU ACTUAL SCUMBAG", "fam who even are u please chill"

@Bishido: SKYPE RP my domain of comfort i lov u,, but yes, I'd love to rp with ya! I've read over both wikis, and both boys seem interesting and really, really well thought out! If you're more in the mood for Khaz, then let me at 'em, and we'll see what awful shenanigans ensue. I'll send you my Skype info over PM, so feel free to add me and msg me there any time (though I might take some time to respond because I literally sleep from like 5am to 2pm PST lmao). Here is, of course, my obligatory I suck at meeting ideas so please feel free to throw new ones at me disclaimer, as well as some quick scenarios that came to mind when I looked over Khaz's page:

  • "why is your arm like that, does it mark you as the head of your tribe, why do no other cat people have it around here"
  • "why do i see you everywhere i go? are you following me?", "what", "are you trying to pick a fight", "w h a t"

@Khunbish Adarkim: AYYOOO an Avagnar bro what up! I'm so excited lmao I'll try to contact you in-game probably later tonight, if you're on at that hour! Otherwise, I hope you don't mind me rapidfire bursting you with a few questions over PM regarding where to start and if they'd recognize each other, if at all! (Also broken Eorzean is super cute...)

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Thanks! xD Actually, all those scenarios sound like they'd be perfect to me! Kasi would certainly be laying a lot of culture down for Syndra in the process too. It'd be fairly easy- I think- to get some rumors about her around the Ul'dah markets, if that helps! She's going to be well-known foremost for always keeping her word, and not being motivated primarily by gil, either. Depends on how deep in you'd like to go, but if nothing else? We can just as easily pick a spot somewhere and throw an encounter down!

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Oh, thank Jesus. Sure thing! I'd love to test the waters first if it's alright with you, and if all goes well and the conversation takes a deeper turn, then all the better, right? Hopefully I can catch you on sometime tomorrow if you're up for it! Otherwise, I hope you don't mind me tossin' you a friend req in game so we can work out a better time. :^)

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Absolutely! Granted, most likely it may take a couple encounters for it to take that deeper turn, too! I'll be around for sure- my play times are typically 5-11PM CST on the weekdays, and all day on the weekends. You're welcome to ping me, either in-game or via Discord too, if you have that!

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FRENEMIES! I'm also just getting my feet off the ground for my new character. Lets have two very blunt, very bewildered people get together sometime. My own character is bossy, blunt, insecure, and short tempered to boot. I feel like Syndra and Jean would clash delightfully.

I have twitter and discord as well but skype hates my computer. (I'm always down for RPing in game, in-party is how I prefer to go to. But I'd also be up for discord.)

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Aaayy, perfect!! Either Discord or an in game party works perfectly for me, so I'll go ahead and PM you my info. :^) (I'm also totally not sighing in relief here bc my Skype msg was something stupid like "SUPER MEGA NASTY BONDAGE IDOL BOY SUPREME" or anything, but. I mean. Theoretically,,, if it were,, I would... be relieved...)

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