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[Balmung] Looking for connections!


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I'm looking for connections for Vel. Any sort really, but I will explain that below. What I hope for is to find RP that lasts past the first encounter. Unless of course it just doesn't work out for whatever reason. Though I made the experience of people vanishing or timezones not matching at all and missing really nice and good roleplayers every time I'd try to catch them online. This probably happened to almost everyone before, but I hope to find some friends or other connections that will be a little longer lasting.

Long term RP is what I'd really love. People to cross paths with frequently, good or bad.



Character Name: Velice Telca'rioth

Wiki: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Velice_Telca%27rioth


What I'm looking for

• Friends: Someone who Vel would be able to run into at least every now and then. Someone to hang out with, share stories or recent news/events, stuff friends would do. Maybe even with a possible hook-up in the past if wanted. Vel doesn't have a whole lot of friends because of his rather distrusting nature and kinda odd personality.


• A loved one: Vel himself wouldn't admit it, but it's something that'd give him somewhat of a goal, stability and more important someone who cares about him. He didn't really experience much of that in the past, so it's not the most natural thing for him, but secretly craves for that warm embrace no friend can really give you. And someone who can deal with this weird habits and odd personality traits.


• Family: He was only 8 years old when he was taken away and brought to Ul'dah. Old enough to remember certain things, but with everything happening after, he forgot most of it. Whatever he can recollect of his early childhood could be partially wrong for all he knows. He has no clue if his parents are alive (Keeper mother and Seeker father) or if he had any older or younger siblings, or even a twin. Other family, like cousins for example, are also an option. He simply wouldn't know about them.


• Enemies: With a past like his he definitely would have rubbed a few people the wrong way. And if it's not that, then possibly connections of the person who captured him as a child and kept him for several years. It's not a "must have" for me to find enemies for him, but by all means, if anyone wants to fill that role, I'm all up for it.


• Other: If there is something I didn't cover I'm up for any other ideas and suggestions as well. Those above were simply the most obvious ones coming to mind.

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Hello there.. I read your article. It was very enticing. 

To be honest, I wouldn't have found this if it weren't for Raven - he's my little brother. He directed me to you because I was complaining I couldn't find a monogamous and tethered RP'er willing to play a serious game with me. 


He told me we were alike, and I thought, what the hay. I might as well get out there and meet someone new. ^_^ So, if you're interested, let me know. I'd be happy to at least make a new friend out of this, but hopefully a good RP partner.. 


Let me know in game. My name is Leto Estel. I'm open for whispers. If I don't reply straight away, it's probably because I'm working. I do a lot of networking from home.. well. I hope to hear from you. ^_^ Be well. Have a good day.



Here's a little introduction - pose for dramatic affect! *pow! boom!*


Leto Estel - Formerly known as Haruhiko. He was ripped from his home of Vana'diel and tossed into the unforgiving forests of the Twelveswood. No memory of his past, but glimpses of himself as he was once catch him in moments of great emotional points. 


He's trying his best to make it in the world with what little he knows about himself. Taken in by fellow Hyur's, he had taken to botany within the forest. As a result has a greener thumb than most, and his past influences show through unbeknownst to himself as a talented merchant, something he'd been a professional at long ago in his homeland.


Though he searches for who he once was, he's not blind to the present - he seeks love for more than the physical body. He longs for a family, for a lover and for a place he could truly call home. Romance eludes him, as he is slightly dense to the soft hints he rarely gets. But he does yearn for it. A lover to share his bed, his life and his home.


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Interesting! Kasi has a "rescued" slave she's caring for these days, and trying to rehabilitate. Her name is Y'nora. Might be some potential connections there between the three of them, considering what I'm reading here seems to suggest that Vel is a former slave too. Any thoughts? You're welcome to browse Kasi's wiki page below- let me know if anything tickles!

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Thank you both for your replies!!


@ Leto: I was busy with X-mas and sick IRL, or I'd have been on already to come find you. :D Raven actually told me you replied to my thread and I asked him if he could do me the favor of telling you that I'm not ignoring your post, I was just sleeping almost an entire day, because of being sick.


@ Kasi: Vel is indirectly a slave, yes. The person who took him away wasn't a slave trader or similar, but he considered selling the boy at first before deciding to keep him rather. He was treated like one, so I suppose the term fits. And I'm sure there is a way of making the connection.

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Wow, someone who grew up on the streets of Ul'dah AND THEN went to Gridania to study conjury? There's so many set up options for Rini to have met him when they were younger. I'm not sure what age you have set that he was in Gridania training, but Rini was about thirteen at the time so he would have been nineteenish?


Anyway, regardless if we can make a childhood hook or not, I would love to RP with you sometime. He sounds really interesting and I like to keep my connections going over long periods so no worries on that. : )


My playtimes are in the evenings and my timezone is CST. If this interests you at all feel free to check out my wiki in the sig and PM me. :D Take care and good luck!

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Hit me up if you like. I play Ume Murasaki, a recovering book worm who is trying to 'actively experience life'. She's 23 (as am I) and happy to make new friends (and/or more).


I'm trying to get back into playing regularly, I'll be online in the evenings (CST). :) Hope to hear from you, and good luck on your search!

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Not sure if you're still looking, but I'm looking for some friends for my own broody Keeper. I don't have a bio for him yet (I just moved to the server), but it seems like they have some similarities, or at least some things to talk about. He mostly wanders around in the Shroud, and [very] occasionally Thanalan. Maybe they could have even run into each other before? I have it head-canonned Ahzra'li sometimes slips out from the trees to help select people who get lost/hurt in the Shroud.


I'm usually around in the evenings, so feel free to /tell me if you want to discuss it!

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Hello! It's never too late, is it? I'm hoping not.


I enjoyed reading Velice's wiki profile and felt an instant connection with my own character, C'io Behkt, whom you can find on the wiki here: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/C%27io_Behkt


C'io comes from the desert and moved to Ul'dah five years after the Calamity. She lived with the other "immigrants" in the slum towns, and made ends meet through odd jobs and work ethic. She got lucky with some contracts, and so avoided the worst fates Ul'dah meted out to the penniless. Most importantly for Vel, however, is that C'io is an optimistic person -- perhaps a good contrast to Velice's distrusting nature? She's not uncautious, and also not unaware of what she avoided in Ul'dah's stratification, so she is not defined by naivety, just idealism.


She's perfect for running into every now and then, as am I, although I'm certain we both hope for a friendship that can transcend that. Someone to discuss the world in quiet spaces, and sometimes interrupted spaces, would be nice for C'io also because she travels too much now to set down real roots, and she's perhaps a little too odd to attract most standard friendships.


I hope that she and her circumstances resonate with you as strongly as Vel's resonated with me. Please contact me through any means -- a reply or PM here, a call out when you see me in game. I'll do the same! I just hope my strange timezone does not prevent us from playing together.

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Our characters sound like two regular peas in a pod, C'io. I missed this thread its first time through, but I'd say Kazukata would jive with Velice for a lot of the same reasons C'io would: He's overall positive and idealistic, but seen more than enough to avoid being naive, and is a wandering adventurer. Also, as someone who's been through his share of hard times, he'd be likely to reach out and try to help troubled individuals, though it sounds like Velice is at the point where he needs a psychiatrist more than a patient, advice-giving friend, and Kazukata would certainly be in over his head if he tried to help (which could be interesting, in and of itself).


A little about Kazukata (full details on his wiki, link in my signature): he's a veteran of two wars in Doma who came with the other initial refugees to Eorzea. The destruction of Doma left Kazu similarly devastated, and he spent a few years pulling the whole "drink to forget" act. Eventually, however, he became inspired by stories of Eorzea and it's defenders, and has set out to become an adventurer who can inspire others as those who came before inspired him. The result is a generally cheerful, helpful old lancer trying to make a difference in the world with the few years of adventuring his body's got left in it.


My schedule's a bit sparse, but I'm all about multiple encounters and progressing storylines, so I'd love to rp with either or both of you two, or just making it a three-way meeting, even.

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I just read through your wiki page too, Kazukata, and I agree, C'io and Kazukata do sound like they would get along! (You all have such impressive wiki pages.) Furthermore, the perspective of an aged (he's not that old) veteran who not only survived two failed uprisings but also had to abandon his home to seek refuge on a whole other continent would be valuable to a C'io who hero worships the fallen soldiers of Cartenau but who has also never marched into the pitched battle of a full-scale war herself.


We should play together! C'io needs friends she can be comfortable around. I realise now that I have spent so long focusing on employers that this is a very neglected aspect of her character that we can now address together, over time, :).

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