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Server transfer - maybe

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So with word of the new expansion if the game entices me to return I was in debate if I wanted to bother with a server transfer or just rolling a new character. I know the common two servers that'll be listed here are Baulmung and Gilgamesh. Are there any others or is it just those two supported here?


I know hunting around a little on the forums and lodestone I saw mention of Siren and Fairie. Just curious really. No idea if I'm even going to return or not but I was bored and figure this was as good a time as any to see where the servers stood.

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Balmung would still likely be your best bet for opportunities.


A fair portion of gilgamesh has moved over as well, although there is still active RP happening on that server. (But it's also locked for creation being the perceived raiding server).


Siren, Jenova and Faerie have some smaller communities on them, I think, but you'll likely find about 1-3 linkshell's worth. Knowledge on them's a little scarce because only a handful of their users post here.

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I'm fine with a smaller community. My husband dislikes the server we are on currently due to the large amount of drama from various periods in the past so a change of pace would be a little more ideal if we returned. Plus he's not a huge rp'er anyway so  the rp option is more for my amusement.. heh.

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