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Hiya! I just got the game and i'm liking it so far. I was wondering how the rp was on the game. I am on the Leviathan server. Some of the reddit posts i have read have said that there is usually only pockets of rp in the various servers. I'm looking just for a good group to hang out with and to rp with. Nice to meet you all.

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Welcome to Final Fantasy! From the name I'm guessing you're a Roegadyn? If so, awesome! We need more of them :D


You would be right about the "RP is in pockets" comment, however that's not necessarily true for Balmung. In Balmung, RP is every where. If you're willing to transfer, I highly suggest it - it's worth the money, trust me.


If you do transfer to Balmung we should totally roleplay some time! Otherwise, good luck in your search - keep your eyes peeled!

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Hiya there! Welcome to the RPC.


While it is true that you may find some small RP groups on all of the servers, the unofficial RP server is Balmung in the Aether Datacenter, followed by communities on Gilgamesh, Siren and Jenova. Our Linkshell Hall and Free Company Hall show the active groups the RPC is aware of. (Because they post here!)


If you've got any questions about the site, wiki, forum features/bugs, etc, feel free to ask here or send me a message.


If you're just getting into the game and still learning lore, you can find a bunch of great starter information by Sounsyy here:


Eorzean Lore Starter Kit

-Racial Lore Compilation

-Class/Job Lore Compilation

-Hydaelyn Geography Lore

-Settlements in Eorzea Pre-Calamity

-Eorzean City-states' Political Structures Lore

-Eorzean Units of Time and Measurement Lore

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Welcome aboard to the RPC and to the game! :thumbsup:


Balmung is really the place to be if you plan to get hard into RP. Sadly, the only way to really get in is via transfer for $18 once the character(s) is 72 hours old. You can move multiple characters at the same time for the flat one-time fee. Otherwise, you have to pretty much depend on dumb luck after a maintenance window to create a new character on Balmung. I wouldn't depend on this though- you'll waste more time trying to do it than you would have saved just paying the $18.

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Hiya! big big welcome to the RPC, i love the name of your character btw :P Yeah to cement what the others said, i used to actually be on leviathan back in 2.0 but sadly there wasn't much RP there. To really find large amounts of RP i'd recommend Balmung all the way, however it is tricky to get into as it's such a popular RP server.


I hope to see you in game soon feel free to look me up ^^

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