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Hello! New user here!


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Hey there everyone!


I just joined the forums, but I've already been playing FFXIV for a little while and I love it. I want to hopefully create my roleplay character on Balmung at some point, but so far it seems to be perpetually restricted so no dice thus far -_-


In any case, am an avid roleplayer and very experienced writer! I will be creating my character's wiki page fairly soon and I hope to make some new friends here! :)

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Hello and welcome to the RPC! Lately the only way to get on Balmung is to do a server transfer, unless you end up winning the lottery and are able to find time to make a character when nobody is on. Glad to hear you are enjoying the game and I hope to see you on Balmung soon!

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Others didn't mention, but do bear in mind your server transfer fee applies to up to an entire server-load of eligible characters all at once. So if you think you'll ever want to play alts, create them in advance and let them wait their pre-requisite three days (and log into them to get them through their tiny intro thing, too) and you should be able to transfer them alongside your main all for the same single fee.

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Hey there, and welcome aboard to the RPC! :thumbsup:


And as previously mentioned- yeah, your best and only bet is the $18 transfer fee to get onto Balmung. It will save you time and energy, and end up being way cheaper than trying to get on normally! Either way, the $18 is worth every dime for getting onto Balmung.

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