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Hello and welcome to the RPC! Unfortunately I am no help finding resources for RP on Leviathan. I think the last few transfers I heard about actually transferred from Levi to Balmung to get more into RP.


If you ever want to transfer over to Balmung or even send an alt, we would be happy to have you!

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Hey there, and welcome aboard to the RPC! :thumbsup:


Sadly as previously mentioned, the majority of the folks here are on Balmung, which is the premiere RP server. If you're really trying to hit the RP hard as a major pillar of your FFXIV experience, then it's definitely worth looking into transferring over at some point!

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Hi there! I used to be on leviathan myself back in 2.0. Honestly the RP community is very scarce, and people quickly migrated to Balmung (The unoffical RP server :o ) including myself ^^; if you can come here, I'd highly recommend it, you'd have an absolute blast :D If you have any questions poke  me, and welcome to the RPC


*throws Confetti and cupcakes*

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I've tried making an alt but it's never accepting.


Unfortunately, Balmung hasn't really been open to new people making characters since before the release of FFXIV 3.0, Heavensward. Starting from about mid-to-late 2014, the only surefire way of getting on was by server-transfer. While SE's site says transfers are closed, this is not truly the case and you can still select Balmung as a destination world.


On truly rare occasions, you can get into Balmung just before/after a server maintenance or crash, but you'll be fighting a swarm of RMT bots also trying to do the same.


Patch 3.5 is going to be introducing a datacenter-wide Party Finder thought. ...so if you pick another server on the Aether data center, parties and dungeons may still be doable in a planned manner. We don't fully know how it's implemented.

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