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Looking for RP and Connections

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Hello! I'm not new to XIV. In fact, I've been here since 2.0's launch, which brings about the problem that most of my RP circles have drifted apart or the people in them have just stopped playing. I am looking for long-term RP partners and IC connections! If we RP once and it doesn't click, that's fine, but ideally, I'd like regular and/or long-lasting interaction! (I am not looking for a static, main RP partner to RP with every day; I've already got one of those and can't juggle two!) I have several RP characters, but Faye is obviously my main. I can do RP via Skype, Discord, RPC, etc. but I am primarily looking for in game RP (or at least RP with other characters from Balmung).


I am open to RP with anyone, whether you are a total newbie, someone I know OOC but have never had the pleasure of RPing with, or someone I've RPed with or had plans to RP with in the past but we just fell out of touch. I am also okay with doing pre-established or past connections with my characters, provided of course we talk out the details and I give permission first.


tl;dr about me and what I'm looking (or not looking) for:



Post Length - I do para RP (typically one or two paragraphs) and would ideally like to find people in the same range. That being said, I also often post-to-match and go for shorter emotes in busy/public places. If you post short emotes that still give substance, or long emotes that aren't overblown and empty purple prose, your post length doesn't matter much to me!


Post Speed - I am a little slow, and it's okay if you're a little slow, too (especially if you're typing up meaty posts).


Lore Strictness - I do not like to throw lore out the window or run crazy with headcanons, but I am also not about following lore to a T and memorizing every scrap of it. I would like to write with role-players who also lie somewhere within the middleground.


Style - I like to have some description and detail in my RP, along with sometimes some narration and even the occasional dreaded snippet of insight into my character's thoughts, without verging into purple prose territory. If you only like cut-and-dry emotes, I'm probably not for you, and if you're into purple prose text walls, you're probably not for me!


Genre - I like a bit of everything and I'm not really picky. Drama, mystery, intrigue, casual, tavern, action, adventure, horror, comedy, fluff--I like variety!


Dark/Mature RP - I am fine with just about anything and have very few hard limits as long as things are treated respectfully and fairly OOC. I really love darker storylines, but I'm not about the RP being grimdark all the time. I'd love to meet some RPers who don't mind RPing these themes, but if you don't like darker RP, that's perfectly fine, too, because it's not a necessity.


Romance RP - I love it! However, all my characters are already spoken for, or are remaining single because I don't have the time to devote to anymore IC romances. I'm not looking for any romantic partners for my characters at this time. If for some reason you wanna do some unrequited romance thing, that's fine, but don't expect my characters to return the feelings, and I will not tolerate any OOC weirdness toward my character's current romantic partner and relationship.


Antagonist RP - I love my characters having antagonists, be it an enemy, a rival, etc. However, I've been burned by this many times and am very hesitant to do these arcs now. If you want to do this, I may agree, but I'm not looking for someone who's just trying to "win" (I'm not saying your character can't/won't win--just that I don't want it to be forced/unrealistic, or for it to turn into a "sore loser" situation if things don't pan out that way), someone whose constant harassment will leave me unable to RP my character in public and/or with other people, or who is going to ignore the consequences of their villainous character's actions and demand a retcon if their character ends up on the losing end.


Character Death - I'm not okay with permanent character death (unless I tell you otherwise) and will try to avoid situations where it is likely, and I will try my best (within realism and belief) to avoid any situation where your own character is likely to die (unless you give me permission otherwise).


Story arcs and Plot lines - I suck at making them and therefore don't really have any specific ones going on right now, but I love to play a part in other's stories, big or small.


Combat RP - I kind of suck at it, too, so I'm not really looking for it, but I will participate if some fighting naturally happens in the story. Somewhat flexible on how it's handled. I prefer freeform, but rolling tends to be the quickest and least painful way to go.


ERP - I have nothing against it, but I'm not interested in it and it's not going to happen. I also don't like to RP any sort of fetish-fulfillment stuff and I don't want to interact with characters based around it (futas, lolis, shotas, slime girls, furries, etc.).


OOC Relationships - Friendships are cool and I love befriending the people I RP with, but nothing else, please. I'm not available or interested. I'd like to find RP partners who can keep IC and OOC wholly separate, and who will respect my pre-existing OOC friendships and relationship.


Realism vs Fantasy - Seeing as this is a fantasy setting with magic and larger than life characters with cool powers, etc., I am fine with fudging things a bit, but generally like to use real life physics, logic, and human limitations as slightly loose guidelines. Naturally, my RP style is gonna mesh best with people who do the same.


RP Etiquette - I like to abide by the usual rules and RP with people who do the same. No metagaming, godmodding, autohitting, powerplaying, playing to win, etc.


Retcons - I try to avoid them if at all possible and hope the people I RP with do the same. To be honest, if you fantasia/namechange/retcon twice a month, I will probably lose interest in any RP.




I am in eastern time but keep weird (read as: inconsistent) hours. You can usually find me online somewhere around 5PM EDT - 3AM EDT. Please be forewarned that due to some personal stuff I won't bore you with, I have a pretty foggy memory and a hard time focusing, and I also suck at initiating conversation (not just the first contact, but legitimately pretty much always until I've known you for a looong time), so if I forget something or it seems like I never prod you first, there's a 99.9% chance it has nothing to do with me disliking you or your RP. Poke at me as much as you please and don't think it's personal if I don't reciprocate often. I just don't know how to person.


You can find my characters and a few of their RP hooks in the post below. Feel free to reach me here, in game, or Discord. I have other means of communication (like Skype) which you are welcome to ask for privately!


Discord: Destiny (Faye)#8463


Main Tumblr


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My Characters (see their wikis for more info)


Faye Covington

Midlander/Garlean | Female | Gridanian | 26 | Lawful Neutral



A Midlander hailing from the Shroud where she was born to an upperclass family. Free company leader and conjurer struggling with aether management. Magitek prosthetic hand. Likes to drink tea and sew. Polite, confident, ambitious, low-key sassy. Generally kind, but takes no crap. Hates loyal Garleans. Had some family issues, but they're all dead now. Future red mage???




  • Business contacts. She owns an agency of adventurers-for-hire who do odd jobs. Clients and partners are always sought.
  • Anyone of similar interests and beliefs; she needs friends!
  • Anyone with strong feelings for Garleans (positive or negative) to either challenge or cement her own feelings
  • Anyone who could encourage/train/push her to become a red mage because I'm at a loss why she'd pick up a sword.

X'unmei Noh

Seeker of the Sun | Female |Gridanian | 19 | Neutral Good



Lynx tribe runaway and former hobo. Precious cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure. Socially awkward but stubborn. Likes reading, cute things, sweets, and nature. Always hungry. Has a plushie collection too big for her room. Likes to sing but is too shy. Wants to help everyone. Learning magic, healing especially. Resurrected from the dead and may secretly be a necromancer (oops???).




  • Literally anyone, she will be your friend, probably no matter what.
  • But especially characters with similar interests and personalities
  • Anyone interested in trying to study, exploit, or remedy her "condition."
  • Bad people she can soften up (or maybe who will harden her up?)

Shadiyah Amari

Keeper of the Moon | Female | Ul'dahn | ??? | Chaotic Neutral



Cultured thaumaturge who after an unfortunate, failed romance with a stereotypical Nunh had a Voidsent summoning go awry. Void-tainted. Searching for a cure. Doesn't like talking to people. Hates having feelings. Secretly likes to cook. Usually wears more jewelry (and makeup) than clothing. Dislikes cold weather. Hates water. Makes a lot of innuendos. Is an asshole in general.




  • Anyone who might help her find a cure for her Void affliction
  • Other Void-y people probably
  • People who take issue with Void-y people probably
  • Any sad soul who for some reason wants to befriend an angry, brooding, emotionally unstable wallflower

Aelius Corinthius

Pure-Blood Garlean | Male | Garlean | 31 | Lawful Evil



First-born son of a now deceased Legatus. In bad mental and physical shape after a fall from a bridge about a year ago. Angsty. Unsure where his loyalties lie. Traitor to Garlemald and Eorzea both. Assumed to be dead. Scarred, Magitek prosthetic leg, missing an eye. Keeping his past/identity secret. Lying low in Ishgard; cannot travel. Recovering very slowly.




  • Friends. He has none. He is lonely.
  • People with strong feelings for or against Garlemald to sway his own uncertain opinions
  • Basically anyone who frequents Ishgard, since he can't really leave
  • People around Ishgard who would hire him for small/odd jobs (not yet back in fighting shape to do anything too strenuous or combat-heavy)

C'therin Sapa

Seeker of the Sun | Female | Ul'dahn | 23 | Chaotic Neutral



Coeurl tribe exile who became an Ul'dahn street urchin. Used prostitution, thievery, and mercenary work to get by. Now has ties to an organized crime syndicate and works as a Gold Saucer girl. Likes sex, drugs, and rock and roll alcohol. Mostly uneducated. Feisty. Tinkerer. Obsessed with Magitek and machinery.




  • Anyone who can supply her with Magitek (or less likely Allagan) parts or knowledge.
  • Anyone who wants their character to be part of the organized crime group (pending OOC discussion to hash out details)
  • Customers wanting to buy weapons (guns, bombs, etc.) or other small gadgets or repairs
  • Buddies to drink and cause trouble with (in Ul'dah, particularly)

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Well... Aya and Faye already know each other!


Aya and Therin have an incredible amount in common, to the point of Therin's name being almost identical to Aya's actual family name...!


They do, I'm always glad to RP with you, Aya! :D Considering how they've both frequented the Quicksand so much, it would be pretty easy to have Aya and C'therin meet!

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Well, Tyll'a absolutely hates the Garleans, and also has trouble with his aether (as in, he's completely cut off from it)...maybe Tyll'a and Faye could meet sometime?


Absolutely, it sounds like they have some good common ground! :D

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Well, Tyll'a absolutely hates the Garleans, and also has trouble with his aether (as in, he's completely cut off from it)...maybe Tyll'a and Faye could meet sometime?


Absolutely, it sounds like they have some good common ground! :D

We'll have to set up a time for them to meet then!

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I hope I'm not being overly presumptuous by putting myself forward just as I'm stepping onto the server, but I saw a few hooks that really interested me. I would have replied sooner, but I wanted to wait until I got my wiki page into at least serviceable shape.


I think Kazukata could work with either Faye or Shadiyah. Kazukata's an adventurer-for-hire with strong negative feelings about Garleans after losing two wars to them, which hits two of Faye's hooks. It's also entirely possible that he may have heard of the Harbingers of the Dawn among the many other heroic tales he's fond of, which would make him predisposed to be friendly with Faye if he ever came across her, maybe even fanboy out a little. I also see a few parallels between Kazukata and how Zularti started out, though Kazukata took a few extra decades to get there, so that could be an interesting dynamic dredging up the past. And, as a bonus, we're both operating out of Gridania, as far as I can tell? It might also be possible to use Kazukata's insistence that people do what they're naturally good at to get him to try and encourage her to be a red mage, though that one might need a little bit of acrobatics and would probably require some discussion as to how exactly we would accomplish that.


As for Shadiyah, Kazukata would probably see a lot of his recent self in her. As someone who's been through a "hates having feelings" phase of his own, he'd likely be sympathetic to her and want to help her move past it. It could also create an interesting dynamic if Kazukata was regularly talking to both Shadiyah and Faye, since it sounds like they're on poor terms. That said, I don't know much about void tainted individuals, and Google isn't helping me much, so if you're interested and have any reading materials I could go through, that would be appreciated.


On that note, I'll probably be a little slow on the lore in general. I've played a PVE character to 60 and seen the MSQ, but there are just so many details buried in all the different class storylines that I imagine my knowledge is spotty in places still. But if you're willing to be a bit patient and correct me where I slip up, I'd love to rp with you!

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You are not being presumptuous at all, newness is fine! :D It sounds like Faye and Shade both could have an interesting dynamic with Kazukata and I'd be happy to RP either (or both) with him! I am pretty forgiving of lore blunders (especially from new players/role-players), so that's no issue at all and I don't mind helping out. Sadly, I haven't seen any compilations of Void and Voidsent lore around, but here's some really basic stuff about the Void:





Voidsent are basically demons that feed on aether, which there is an absence of within the Void itself, and sometimes have the ability to taint the Spoken races with their own corruption.


I'd love to role-play sometime, and I'll try to find you in game!

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