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makes a low whistle


Damn, you weren't kidding about hooks, that's for sure. This is an absolutely fantastic write-up- I love the attention to detail.


So, I can most likely throw Kasi at you for starters. Kasi is in a similar boat in that she left her tribe to follow her wanderlust when she came of age, but she's shaken off the tribal life completely and has no intent to return. She earns her keep now as a wandering mercenary, trader, and cook, though she's primarily motivated by a need to find challenge and explore, rather than the lure of gil. She's been in this life for the last 12 years after serving in the Adders for 5 before that. Her attitude towards strangers is very friendly when they're Miqo'te, as she's something of a racial nationalist. Kasi isn't necessarily a good person, though! 


So, all that being said? If S'rheinah is looking for someone who knows the lay of the land, an escort, someone who can supply her with trade goods, or even someone to mentor her further (in terms of combat training or otherwise- particularly in the subject of the use of or defending against a greatsword or lance), Kasi can fill any of those roles fairly easily. She could probably fill a few other roles besides- it's really up to you.


Beyond Kasi...


There's also ShroudLife, which is a linkshell for people looking to do wilderness encounters and RP traveling around outside the cities. You can view the main thread for it in my signature, though the disclaimer is that Gehr'ir is no longer managing it- they ended up tossing it over to me for the time being. If you have any questions about it, or would like to join up, just lemme know! 


In any case, best of luck!

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Kasi can effectively show up just about anywhere on one job or another, so it's very doable! Just give me a tap and I'll come on over. 


And if nothing else, Kasi is always looking for a good bouting partner or two, as well. 


In any case, I will endeavour to get you into the ShroudLife channel shortly!

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Wow i'd just like to just say, nice job! :o that was an enjoyable read and your character sounds very strong willed despite her age.

I'm not sure if i can help much with regards to connections as I just focus on criminal roleplay, that said I can say ShroudLife is a really good start! And of course if you ever think your seeker could be manipulated into the criminal life, let me know! Lili likes young students to fill their head with evil! :3

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I'd be down for some RP sometime! Val had a similar upbringing and I made his tribe pretty.. well. Tribal. He may not be the nicest of people, but he's willing to chat with others and I imagine they have a decent amount in common. I have other characters too, so if you're looking to get into contact with another Miqo'te let me know :D

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Seekers with a knowledge of their tribal heritage will always be welcome companions for my little pilgrim!  Your seeker, however, presents something of a unique challenge that could produce some humorous results.


Not to disclose too many spoilers, but S'hatsuho is no stranger to male advancement.  She's been getting more and more attention from her sept's Nunh recently as she has neared her coming of age ceremony, despite her never having undergone a pilgrimage.  Many of the reasons that the Nunh use this as a barometer for selecting females to mate with are things that S'hatsuho has already demonstrated, or has already been proven by proxy.


Be it that S'hatsuho has proven her self-sufficiency through her time with the hunting parties and the fishing boats, or proven her strength and prowess against the tribe's warriors in combat ceremonies, or even that the quality of her lineage has been proven by both her mother and her eldest sister completing many pilgrimages themselves, or her young sire's accomplishments as a warrior against the sahagin and his subsequent sacrifice protecting the tribe from leviathan, S'hatsuho's quality as a mate is clear to most of the tribe, with or without the sacred rites of the pilgrimage.  Throw her dual-hued eyes on top of all of that, and you get one young, desirable miqo'te female.


This, of course, has all been to S'hatsuho's chagrin.  She has lived her life for the moment that she would set for the mainland to see the world, and now the Nunh would seek to tie her down with motherhood before she could feel the sand of foreign beaches beneath her feet.  Throw on top of that that her eldest sister, whom S'hatsuho idolizes, had always told tales of the places that she and Hatsu would go when the two took Hatsu's first pilgrimage together, only for said sister to be swept off of her feet by the tribe's charming new Nunh on her latest return home, thereby forcing Hatsu to set out alone, and you're left with one young, desirable miqo'te female who has a very bitter taste left in her mouth for Nunh.


[align=center]*Cough*  *Cough*[/align]



Sorry.  I got carried away with my keyboard there.  Anyway, I skimmed through your wiki page.  I'm not sure if Val introduces himself as a Nunh or not, but if he does, that would turn Hatsu off from him instantly.  Even that could be fun if the two of them are in a situation where they have to work together or have regular contact.



Val isn't really much of a Nunh anymore. The character has grown a great deal, and while he's still mischievous and doesn't hold much respect for most people, he's engaged and has learned to at least carry on a conversation (even if a small one) without offending someone. ...Sometimes. Maybe.


Either way, I welcome the challenge with open arms :D Any interaction is nice!

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Welcome to the forums and to Balmung! I hope your time here (and on Balmung) has been fruitful thus far!


I, too, am a returning player looking for new contacts. Like S'hatsuho, C'io left her tribe several years ago, though not without lingering resentiment. She believed her father, the acting Nunh, had subverted the tribal order for his own selfish ambitions, and though she remained at first for her mother's peace of mind, she finally followed her own convictions and left to experience the world. You can sift through the basic details here on her the wiki: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/C'io_Behkt


What I find most compelling in your many hooks is the opportunity for C'io to see another Miqo'te undergo the transition from a tribal understanding of the world to the more cosmopolitan one demanded by the Eorzean city-state alliance. Hatsu would remind C'io of her former circumstances, but also to what happens when one maintains a mostly-healthy relationship with home. The differences in culture, geography, and circumstance could create an interesting interchange between them, as might the small similarities in ethics and in how each view Nunhs with caution. (Hey Val, :).)


C'io is no stranger to La Noscea, so travel to where Hatsu is currently comfortable for roleplay is not a problem. And later, when your character is ready to expand outward, C'io will happily help her avoid the many pitfalls of Ul'dah's kind of exploitative society, as well as show her the beauty of the desert.


My own circumstance is that I live in a funny timezone (GMT+8), but can easily (and will be more regularly) appear during EST evenings, though my main time to do content (PVE, PVP, everything) is EST morning (my evening). Still, despite timezone and the problems it brings, I would very much like to pursue this friendship, if you'll have me.

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