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Connections for a New Player

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So, I introduced myself, put up my RP Profile, which I need to fix and edit now that I'm off for a couple days!


I'm still figuring things out, and I'll be leveling a lot while I play since at level 11 and 2 respectively I'm relearning (I played a year ago for about a week and change) how to play this game.


That said I've settled on two characters I'm playing.


One of which is a Highlander Lancer, who I'll be RPing as a Spear Maiden or whatever term fits for a Highlander! The other is a Roegdyn Marauder!


I'll be looking for connections for both!


For the Highlander - Paisley Wallace - I've already joined the Resistance LS, but I'm interested in establishing connections - whether familial, childhood friend, potential suitors, any of that sort of thing. I'll be slowly working on a wiki for her, but I'll admit my lore knowledge is... lacking. I'm still reading up. Researching. Need timelines and the like!


What I'd appreciate is someone I can RP with semi regularly (I work 5 days a week, and while I tend to get on the computer all five days, not every day will be spent in FFXIV, so discord and the like are options as well!)


In particular, a fellow Highlander I can establish a rapport with regardless of the connection, and someone who can help me figure out the lore while we RP. Sometimes reading isn't enough and it takes in game usage of the knowledge to help develop a character!


And for my Roegdyn - Gyda Axedaughter - I would love some Roe connections. Admittedly I'll probably just use her for leveling and beating stuff up with an axe for now, because I'm not sure IF I'll be playing her a ton. But if there's a Roe community out there and it's got activity, I'll gladly be a part and that could get me to play as her more!


Thank you for your time while I go out and explore this world!

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I'll be slowly working on a wiki for her, but I'll admit my lore knowledge is... lacking. I'm still reading up. Researching. Need timelines and the like!


Hey Rykoth! I saw Paisley join the Resistance LS last night while we were chatting! Maybe our Ala Mhigans will run into each other. Mirke is pretty opinionated about her people. I do have some lore that might help you out though until you find more Ala Mhigan RP. Hope this helps! ^^


-Ala Mhigan Timeline

-Ala Mhigan Lore Compilation

-A Look at Ala Mhigo After the Fall

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I think we may have been in a guild together back in my SWTOR days, if this is the same handle you used for that. :P


Anyhow, Naidu is my highlander, at this time she doesn't know if she has siblings or not due to being orphaned at a young age, so if you're looking to make family connections, its a possibility.  


You can message me here or in-game. 



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Hellooooo there.   I've possible connections for both of your characters.


Hey, I've looked over your thread, and can think of a few ideas... here's a list of all the characters I have good to go for RP, and would be thrilled to have some of them meet any of your characters.




[align=center]The Soldier[/align]





My main, Fyrilsunn Fiandoensyn.  A Maelstrom vet with over 19 years of combative experience, a warriors soul crystal around his neck, and an axe larger than most hyur, he's an intimidating son of a bitch.  But appearances can be deceiving.  The man is incredibly kind, to the point of nearly being selfless.  Always willing to help someone in need for the price of a pint and a tale afterwards: be it stopping street thugs, or pummeling primals, he's game.  




The Inventor



Growing up in a traditional Dunesfolk Nomadic family, Jujuwai is a bit... rustic.  He, his three brothers, and one sister, all grew up roaming Thanalan upon the backs of a herd of adamantoise, and it often shows in his mannerisms.  However, thanks to the firm insistence and efforts of his mother, he and his siblings where all educated.  Following the calamity, the family was forced to stop their nomadic ways for a time, and take refuge in Ul'dah, where they all took up various jobs in order to sustain themselves.  In the instance of Jujuwai, this was an apprenticeship with an engineer of the Garlond Ironworks.  Years later, Jujuwai has come into his own as an engineer and mechanic, working in the employ of the Foreign Levies of the Maelstrom as support staff: repairing and creating devices to help them fight the good fight.




The Professor



[align=left]Hailing from the Western Highlands of Coerthas, Aulsoix Claimane is a scholar of thaumaturgy, archaeology, history, and any other topics what happen to grab the interest of his infinitely curious mind. He keeps his personal life mostly to himself, preferring general anonymity.  He currently works in the employ of the Thaumaturges Guild of Ul'dah, where he specializes in the handling of dangerous artifacts: often being sent out to retrieve them to be brought back to the ossuarry for safe keeping and study.  He has been known to teach classes at various institutions around Eorzia, and even takes on the occasional pupil, educating them in the thaumaturgical arts.  


Upon first meeting, he is impeccably polite and cordial, if a bit distant.  Often coming across as cold, it is likely a byproduct of his Ishgardian upbringing.  However, as one gets to know him, he has been known to loosen up on occasion; typically with a glass of wine in hand.



[align=center]The Gladiator[/align]




Illeaux Dravant grew up a troublesome street rat in the city of Ul'dah, fighting tooth and nail to survive.   When he reached adulthood, unfortunate cirucumstances took him into the arena, where he fights to this day.  He's gruff, rough around the edges, and has a penchant for drinking and smoking... but at heart he's a good guy, and more than willing to risk it all to help those in need.  So long as its his definition of "in need".  



[align=center]The Survivor[/align]






One of the last know members of his clan, G'rahta is a friendly miqo'te... if an onze serious at times.  Trained since his youth to be a warrior, and to protect his peoples village, he is an expert combatant.   When the Empire pressed into Othard, he joined with the resistance, leaving his village behind, only to return once the resistance fell to find that the village was raised during the war.   He has since come to Eorzea, and is searching for his fellows amongst the other refugees to some success...


[align=center]The Shaman[/align]



Hailing from beyond the Northern Empty, Styrmoeya is the last of a proud lineage of seafarers. He and his clan sailed the seas according to the Seawolf's traditional way of life of piracy and raiding.


In his clans hierarchy, Styrmoeya is what was once known as the Styrmgreh, or Storm Calmer. A shamanistic title, passed down from father to son, who's role is both that of lore keeper and guardian, protecting the ship and her crew from the wrath of the elements whilst at sea. A title he wore proudly, until the day his vessel sank beneath the waves, destroyed by a rogue wave. Although he had no chance of stopping it., he feels the burden of his fallen shipmates heavily. The ones he had failed to save.



This is my current roster of characters... if anything strikes your fancy feel free to poke me here, in game, or on Discord at Jacob#7028.


Also, the big guy at the top is opening up his tavern to the public tonight (1/15/17) at 9:00 est, so if you want to make roe friends, feel free to swing by!



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