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LF IC priest/clergy/holy person to give opening prayer

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Maelstrom Command LS/FC is planning a server-wide Soldier's Ball in mid February and we're looking for a character who commonly leads religious ceremonies to lead the 4 city states in an opening prayer.


Ideally we'd like the prayer to:

  • briefly include each of the Twelve
  • briefly bless the fallen
  • be about 5 - 7 minutes long, real time (pre-written macro is suggested!)


If we get a handful of interested people, we could split the prayer into multiple parts so that you can each touch on a few of the gods instead of one person touching on all. Whatevs! We'll work it out. :)


If you're interested, reply below! You can also reach out to Sylbfohc Ostulmsyn in game, MoenMoen here in the RPC, or Moen Moen#7383 in Discord.



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