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Elezen in need of a voice

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Chidori is a pocket mage and takes odd jobs as well outside her company. She is a very loving person and I could see her doing something like that. She speaks slightly off, not poor enough have a hard time understanding her, but you can tell common isn't her first language. She also misunderstands things at times, so that could lead to some amusing "issues". She is law/good, however she is very trusting.


More on Chi



My only concern would be how much of a time commitment are you looking for? Chi has friends, family and her job at Wandering Tonberry. As well as I am the owner on my other character of said FC. Thursday evenings are out for me since we have our own event then. Generally speaking I am around between noonish est time, but depends on work sch. Days in game are generally light, most my folks get on in the evenings. Currently, Chi is more my RP focus. I tend to get on the other for PvE, events or as requested. Two events Chi is locked into outside of FC ones are 2/14 (giving away flowers at pop up RP) and 2/24 (dodgeball with her sisters!)


I mentioned this to one of my folks, they mentioned they would be interesting as well. They aren't on RPC much, but if you want to message Karin Lantrans. They are generally on in the evenings est. Karin also could lead to amusement since she is pretty monotoned and blunt. Karin would also be more okay with criminal stuff happening around her.


I also suffer from social anxiety, however if I am comfy with someone it is usually fine. It is also why I like another person or two around at times so the focus isn't just on me. Not sure if that would make a bad fit or better since I understand it. Karin doesn't, but sometimes they may push out of comfort zone. She does that to me. Sometimes good, sometimes want to run away and hide. >.<;;

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Stuff once said


Thanks for responding. Been adulting today...If either of you want to meet up to chat. I'd be down. Ive been lurking about some of the FC RP...just trying to make sure I understand how the flow is. And I feel like I only got a portion of Ten's background...I got some ideas going to fill in blanks, and add more characteristics. And what I really enjoy is just the options other people provide to the overall growth.


As for your personal duties...All good. Im ok with a part time interaction. It could be a good thing or bad thing for him. His only duties are to TMC. And I've yet to step up to the plate for anything outside small gatherings. In my eyes, its a crutch. It gives me a co pilot for help, and practice in RP.

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Cool! Could also use Karin as well. I am pretty sure they would be down and wouldn't mind being a wingman RP'er. xD I totally know how that is, I rarely go out solo myself.


I am tied up tonight, we just got a fourth for potd. Want that nightmare peg x 2. And Thursday evening - RP event. But I will be free Thursday day and most of the weekend. My discord is  Ritsu_Knoltros#4146 if you wish to hit me and set a time or just talk on RP things!

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