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Looking for freed slave/slave needing freedom

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Good day everyone!


My character is an ex-slaver looking for redemption and I'm wanting to grow my character's story and hopefully your own! I'm looking for a someone who plays as a freed slave, or maybe you need rescuing, to help guide my character towards finding peace.


I'm hoping this will be long term as I'd like to RP together quite a bit and hopefully make this a fun event between us. I don't have a preference on gender or anything else, but I would prefer it if you were a miqo'te as that is a real crux in his story.


My character, Delkan, has a profile on the RPC WIKI (my signature is the link) if you'd like to read up a little bit. Feel free to message me if you're interested, or have some suggestions!

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Delkan is an awesome roleplayer- not that I'm biased or anything. Ahem.

Agreed.  Granted, Tyll'a sometimes has a hard time trusting Delkan, given that his mother dedicated her life to stopping slavers, but Delkan is still an awesome RPer.


You guys are too sweet.

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My character, Mhiago, is a recently retired slave liberator. She only stopped after her sister died and since then has been working on revenge/redemption of her own. It'd be super interesting if she met a former slaver! :)


Great! Feel free to look me up if you'd like to bump into one another.

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