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New to Balmung and RP


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Hi! I'm Topopo, and I just transferred to Balmung, was on Famfrit.


I tried to get into RP in GW2 and was never able to, but I'd really like to try to in FFXIV.




My ideas for Topopo are for her to be a Botanist, and to assist adventurers by making them salves and other potions. I'm not sure how great an idea that is, but I'm going to roll with it. o7

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Hey there, and welcome aboard to Balmung and the RPC! :thumbsup:


If you want to hit the ground running, it's not a bad idea to create an RPC Wiki page for your character and create a Making Connections post so you can start building an RP base. The Quicksand Adventurer's Guild in Ul'dah will offer pick-up RP on the fly if you struggle to find something, but you're not as likely to find long-term stuff there as you are via Making Connections. At some point you'll certainly want to try and find yourself an RP FC as well, depending! 


There's everything from Miqo'te clans to mafia gangs, and everything has something unique to offer!

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Hello and welcome to the RPC and Balmung! I think there is a lot you can do with that character idea and it should be easy to fit into a lot of different groups. I think a making connections post or checking out some of the Balmung events are a great way to get started.


If you ever have any questions or have an excess of those curatives feel free to find me in game for some RP!

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