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Returning player hoping to get into RP


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OOC handle's Kou. I played FF14:ARR for the free month close to when it relaunched as ARR in.. 2013?, but then stopped because I was fiercely anti-sub. Been seriously thinking about subscribing, though, because I've learned that I spend way too much on the free-to-play games' cash shops.


So why the sudden urge to come back? I've had the hankering before, but SQUENIX's account retrieval kicked my ass when I upgraded phones and lost the token thing. This time, though, I have come out victorious and got my account back! In the interim, I've played a bunch of other MMOs: Guild Wars 2, TERA, Black Desert Online.. and most recently, I'd finished Final Fantasy 15 (long time FF fan), and the nostalgia hit me HARD. I wanted to be a part of an FF world again so bad, and what better one that lives and breathes in the MMO fashion?


RP-wise, I would say I'm fairly experienced - almost 20 years' worth, but it had always been mostly in private small group, IM or journal or forum formats - rarely in MMO or game format. I'm also exceedingly not good in large groups, sooo.. I think I'm hoping to find a small, tight-knit group of older people to RP with (I'm in my 30s - work full time, etc. etc.). 


I had a character. I don't remember what server he was on, but he was a cat dude thing. Mi'qote, I think? I really adored him and will likely dust him off as my RP character. :3


Hope to see some people in-game once it gets all updated!

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Hiii! Welcome to the RPC!


Are you looking for RP on Ultros?  There may be some resources here for that, there are some small communities on a few servers.  But, the most active server by far for RP is Balmung, though it is a nuisance to get onto :)

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Thank you! 


Yes, I believe so (now that I finally found out where on my account I can see my character info). It looks like I'd either started to create or created a character on Balmung, too, but my Mi'qote was the one I played to max level. I guess I'll just have to see about a transfer if I feel good enough about this game! 


Sounds like I should look for Ultros RP guilds starting out?

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Unfortunately I doubt you'll find any RP FCs on Ultros, you MAY find RPers, I really don't know.  I did a quick forum search here and I didn't see any threads specifically about Ultros, but that's not tos ay it may not be out there anywhere :-D

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Hi and welcome to the RPC! As a former Ultros player myself, it is well worth it to bite the bullet and transfer over all the characters you will want to RP on or even make some new ones for that purpose. I think you will find success comes much easier on Balmung when attempting to get established in RP.


Glad to hear you liked 15, I found it an enjoyable experience myself and thought it did a pretty good job of bringing that sweet nostalgia home.

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Thank you very much, everyone.


I've decided to cough up the cash to transfer to Balmung. Spent the last hour or so giving myself a headache trying to remember just how to navigate, do quests, and fight, haha. I think after getting a 50 Monk, I was aiming for a Paladin, then Bard, going by the classes I had levels in..


I think I'll go search for a.. LS/FC or whatnot. Thanks again!

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Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes and advice! I'll keep an eye out - currently being overwhelmed by the game and the preparations I need to make to try and break into RPing. 


I have had shockingly positive experiences so far just re-learning PvE. Maybe it's just my overexposure to the F2P or B2P games, or maybe it's because my suspicion that RP servers are more friendly in general, but after not knowing wtf I was doing bumbling through some Duties/Guildhests, I haven't had anyone yell at me or cuss me out in PMs yet. In fact, after I did something that resulted in a near-party-wipe, one of the members in my party went out of their way to let me know they should have figured I was new from my derp behavior and spoken up (after I apologized and said, 'I should have spoken up and said this was my first run'). I really, really like that. Might just need more time to pass, but so far, so good! I get such terrible performance anxiety in such situations.


Anyway, once I settle a bit more with the fundamentals, I'd love to see if I can meet some of y'all!

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