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Hi there!


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Well hello there!



I hope you're having a wonderful day.  It's perfect and rainy with a side of tea.  My name is Iria, and I'm making the transition from WoW into FF.  I know it's taken me long enough, but I'm really excited to meet all of you and I'm hoping to make more friends to pal around with.  I'm a casual player as my job is pretty consuming during the week, but my evenings are usually free and my weekends tend to be pretty free as well.






I'm on Balmung and I'm gradually getting all my characters moved over from other realms.



I currently play:



Iria Nicholaides

V'sheexi Nalih

Kyneirra Nightsea

Kaizi Kazi



I'm pleased to meet you!  If you know of any Free Companies that would be willing to accept a lowly arcanist such as myself, I'd be much obliged.  :moogle:


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Hi! Welcome to the site and to FF! :D I recently stopped playing WoW, and I've been playing for a really long time but there's something about FF that is just new and refreshing haha. I'd be more than happy to RP with you sometime if you'd like! Figure I could mention our FC as well (in my signature) is always recruiting new faces! But either way I hope you find some good people out there!

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Welcome to Hydaelyn Roleplayers Coalition!


Not that I would normally advertise a Free Company here in a welcome thread but since your asking the Knights of Eorzea is also Recruiting new faces as well. We've got a great little system in place that gets new faces immediately mingling with older ones (not saying our members are old by any stretch, but simply by experience :lol: ). Though if our theme of Protectorates isn't your thing there are many great free companies on Balmung, tons of them with varying themes and idea's. I would strongly recommend going to the Free Company Section and checking them out!

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