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not good with introductions ...


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hello !! although i am ... well, as stated above, not good with introductions, i figured i'd try my best ... though i can't guaranteed i'd frequent this forum too much due to memory issues and how often i forget to be on forums.

anyways !! my name is seven, and i hail from balmung! my character's current name is nocubi de'che, but i plan on renaming my character as nonomo lomo eventually, so feel free to refer to me as the latter. my current free company is DIRGE.



in general i have roleplayed for close to five years, although i am a total newbie to the rp community in ffxiv and is currently exploring various rp events and meeting new people. i also play the game normally, and i am a huge ff fan.


if there are any questions, feel free to ask me any! it's nice to meet everybody, and i hope that i can get acquainted with you all! <3

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