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T'ahlia sneaks in the door to Balmung . . .

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Hello all :) I am fairly new to Balmung, having transferred from Mateus inthe hope to see what rp is all about in this game. I have been playing different MMORPG’s since original Everquest, and it is probably my favorite kind of game. I’ve been playing FFXIV since 4 or 5 months before Heavensward, so I’ve been in the game for a while now and love it. I’ve been lurking and reading posts a bit to get a feel for the things here.


My RP isn’t very recent, but in the sadly distant past I did play D&D a lot for several years. I haven’t run into much RP in the online games I have played over the years, including FFXIV, but perhaps I just kept missing it when I was on Mateus. So while I am very interested, my recent experience is lacking (well . . . I taught drama for some time, but that’s a different kind of RP, lol).


T’ahlia is the character I am almost always playing. I have filled out her Wiki quite a bit, excepting the info about relationships and quotes as she hasn’t made any contacts yet that would remember her. However, she has dropped into a few public RP events. She is a seemingly cheerful miqo’te, although sometimes that masks an internal sadness. At 28, she is beginning to look back at her life and have questions. Since leaving childhood behind, she has been on the road almost constantly, earning her keep as a caravan scout/guard and traveling all over Eorzea. An inn room at The Roost is the closest thing she has to a “home” since she was a child in Ul’dah. The cost of her rootless adventures has been a lack of real relationships of any kind. Answering some questions about her past is starting to be important to her, although she approaches the subject with trepidation.


I’m very fond of T’ahlia, and really in interested in seeing howher story develops beyond the thoughts I already have. Still, I’m fairly nervous about potentially sucking at RP, so I’m not sure how to rank myself as light, medium, or heavy. Starting light and working my way up? I do try to stay in character unless I’m on a duty and the party is all talking OOC if that helps.


As to RL, I am a single parent, and a teacher in Florida. I am also a writer and have a few plays in publication and hope to keep working on that. I play other games and like movies, theater, science fiction and fantasy. Anyway, hopefully T’ahlia will be able to help some of you out at some point as she explores both the present and her past. Thanks for reading!

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Hey there, and welcome aboard to the RPC and onto Balmung! :thumbsup:


There's a lot out there and tons of different niches to explore, depending on where you want to go. I'm sure you'll find just about anything you'd be interested in for T'ahlia! Still, if you have some specific directions you'd like to take her, tapping the Making Connections forum is a great place to start.

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Hello and welcome to Balmung and the RPC! Glad to see another original EQ and DnD player join the fold! It sounds like you have a great background for RP so once you get your character dialed in and figure out how you want to RP them it should be a pretty easy transition. The large public events can be a little intimidating to jump right into with the chat scroll and overwhelming number of things going on but that is a great place to network.


I wouldn't worry about your RP newness when interacting with people as most everyone on here started from a similar point and should be pretty helpful if there is anything blatant you are doing that is off. 


If you are still worried about it and want some small group or 1 on 1 interactions feel free to send me a tell or message and we can set up a time to RP! Deahfel is always looking for more friends and spends a good chunk of her time in Gridania so feel free to say Hi if you see me around.

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