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I don't know if anyone here still remembers me, I played a lot at ARR launch and I've quit and come back in pretty regular 6-9 month intervals since then. This time I'm looking to stay a little longer hopefully, and make some RP connections instead of just hiding in my little group of 3-5 friends. Anyways, for those who don't remember, I played Uther Skystrider (an Elezen knight in self-exile with a Hyur name) at launch and didn't do a ton with him after I quit the first time, instead deciding to start fresh with alts almost every time I've returned. My friends that I RP with were wondering if this time around I'd finally bring Uther back, and to them I say



I look forward to RPing with you all soon, whether you're old friends or new to me entirely.



Side note: I might be putting up some short stories detailing where Uther's been and what adventures he's gone on in the last few years since our FC ICly split up, if that's something anyone anywhere has any interest in reading for whatever reason. But it depends how much free time I have.

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