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Much belated introduction.


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I have been around for a while on both this forum and Balmung so I am not really new anymore, but since I have never actually intoduced myself or my characters here I thought I'd finally do so and say hi.


So ... Hi!


I first got into role-playing with pen-and-paper games way back in the dark ages when it was still unusual to have a computer at home. Later on I added single-player computer RPGs such as Ultima V, Bard's Tale III, Baldur's Gate 1&2 , and Planescape: Torment. (I guess this does date me. Guesses about my age will neither be confirmed nor denied.)

Eventually I also got into MMORPGS. My first was LOTRO, but I have also played SWTOR, Age of Conan, The Secret World, and now FFXIV. (I have also tried WoW, Archage, DDO, and Rift but quickly decided they weren't for me.) It has not been a case of jumping from one game to another as a case of "Oh, that also looks fun!" which when added to being an altoholic means I tend to advance slowly in each game, but since I am not much interested in "end-game" activities I do not consider that much of a problem. :roll:

I still pop into SWTOR occasionally for RP but otherwise I have pretty much given up on that. Same with AoC. I still play LOTRO and TSW on a regular basis, but most of my gaming time these days is in FFXIV.


Now, I am one of those introverted players who have trouble finding RP and tend to spend too much time standing awkwardly quiet in a corner during events, but can be quite active and talkative in small groups, so do feel free to walkup and initiate a conversation if you see one of my characters with the RP tag on.


I'd guess I would classify myself as a medium style roleplayer. When I RP I am fairly strict with lore and trying to act in-character as much as possible and so on, but much of the time (such as when doing PvE stuff) I am OOC.


I mostly play during EU times (CET timezone), so unfortunately I miss the majority of events on Balmung.



Now over to my characters - and if you have suitable connections to offer, please do so.


Fennella Barlowe

(Most people seem to find the name too long and just end up calling her "Fen". Feel free to do the same - she is used to it and don't really mind.)

She is a young female Midlander Hyur. Born and raised within the Twelveswood she lost both home and family during the Calamity. Though she has mostly gotten over it, it is not a subject she likes talking about.


Having tried her hand at many things in order to make a living she currently lives in Gridania and works as a leatherworker and woodworker. She can sometimes also be found traveling the lands equipped with bow and/or hatchet in search of raw materials for her craft. She also knows a little bit of conjury and a thing or two about herbs.


She tends to be quiet and a bit shy, but can be quite friendly once you get to know her.




Skaenrael Marmannwyn (or just Skae for short)

A female Seawolf Roegadyn, who grew up in a small fishing village on the coast of Vylbrand.

While growing up she learned a lot about fish, and the care and handling of boats both small and large.

She also became quite tired of fish and moved away to seek her luck as an adventurer once she was old enough.

She has a slightly romantic and naive notion of piracy (but is aware reality is likely a bit different) and secretly wishes Limsa was still the pirate nest it used to be, so she too could join up as a proper pirate.


Being on the short side for a Roe she still reaches a height of just over two meters. Proficient with both axe and dagger and bare fists she can more than hold her own in a fight.


She can be a bit of a boisterous bruiser, but is generally good-natured and tries to avoid hurting others without a good reason. While somewhat impulsive and not much given to intellectual pursuits she is far from stupid.




*looks back over text* Hmmm, that got quite long and a bit rambling. I should really learn how to write shorter one of these days....

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Welcome to the RPC, Balmung and FFXIV!


There is, from what I understand, a fairly large and thriving EU community and I know at least two EU people who are pretty cool. I suggest once you're situated and comfortable making a 'Making Connections' post for your characters if your looking for friends/LS/FC/etc.


Have fun and welcome once again!

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