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Finally On Balmung!

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Hey there, HRC! I remember I made a post about getting into FF XIV Roleplay way back in... Jeez, I think it was September? Anyways, stuff happened, so there has been a few delays between here and there, but the point is: I'm finally here and ready to check things out. 


Though the character I wish to use as my main is still in the creation process and being leveled, I hope to delve into roleplay as soon as possible once I've gotten things sorted out. I'm currently working through that arduous 20-30 level bracket and attempting to get a somewhat decent outfit to use for her. Given that I like to have a good grasp of character before I really write for them, I'll probably take a bit to finish her wiki page and nail down some of the details before I do anything but lurk, but... Soon™ I shall be ready to post up a connections thread and bring her into wonderful Eorzea.


Until then, I'll continue doing my best to scour the lore for answers to any pesky questions I might have and slog away at this leveling task that awaits me. Any pointers for a relative newbie to the game would be well appreciated as well, kupo. Otherwise I'll be stuck grinding FATES alone till sea swallows all.




[align=center]My first sight upon logging in to Balmung? RP in the Drowning Wench.[/align]



[align=center]( Oh, and because I just love sharing music with others, and because I can't wait... Have a song. )[/align]



[align=center]hK0dwP9nzJU [/align]


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Welcome to the RPC!

Your character looks adorable, hope to see you around!


Have a cat-nap picture too!




Your forum name is amusing as all hell.  Welcome to Balmung, tho!


I'm a huge fan of the musical, Spring Awakening, where Priapia is the artist's colony that the character Ilse lives in. It also has its more obvious ties to the Greek god Priapus, whose rather strange portrayal and later controversy was the very reason the musical sought to use him as the namesake for their bohemian village.


And, boop, have another song, from said musical.



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